Categorization of Photoreceptor and Bipolar Cell Sensitivity of the Retina

Dr. Jordan Renna and Matthew Tarchick

Schematic of 3D printed ERG chamber

Our lab utilizes a procedure called Electroretinogram (ERG) to study the behavioral and physiological properties of the neural retina. This protocol has medical relevance and is routinely done by optometrists. It demonstrates the whole function of the retina and the function of several important cell populations. The A wave of the ERG is related to total output of photoreceptors either rods or cones. The B-wave of the ERG is related to the total output of the interneurons or bipolar cells.

In the recent years we have utilized 3D printing and modelling to construct a chamber more sensitive than anything else used in our field. With this chamber we can detect microvolt responses from cell populations in the developing retina. Along with this we can quantify the retinal responsiveness to different wavelengths of light, and how different cell populations respond to light. We are looking for students to help us run ERG experiments and run analysis on those experiments.

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