Nutrition and how it impacts behavior and cardiovascular development

Dr. Brian Bagatto & Katie Duval

We are working towards understanding how different levels of macronutrients may impact the physiology of zebrafish. More specifically, we want to first see if when presented with foods that have different levels of major macronutrients (carbohydrate, fats, protein), will the fish choose one over the others or show any type of preference. From there, we want to specifically feed some fish one diet while others receive the alternative options and then run tests to understand how those feeding choices impact their behavior, how many eggs females will produce, the developmental rate of offspring and their cardiovascular development. Zebrafish are a great model organism for this type of research because of the ease of raising them, high fecundity, and the ability to observe the development of the cardiovascular system at the beginning of their lives, to name a few. This project is currently still being developed so potential students would experience the importance of trouble shooting in science research.

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