Igor Tsukerman

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Igor Tsukerman

Igor Tsukerman

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
The University of Akron, OH 44325-3904, USA
Tel. (330) 972-8041


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NEWElectromagnetic Analysis: From Electrostatics to Photonics; five-volume reference set, to be published by World Scientific in 2018.


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2017 – 2018: Professional Development Leave

Special thanks to my hosts, colleagues and collaborators:

Yidong Chong, George Schatz, Vadim MarkelKarl Hollaus, Joachim Schöberl, Leszek Demkowicz, Gregory Rodin, Andrei Lavrinenko, Sebastien Guenneau, Boris Gralak, Roberto Graglia, Luca Dal Negro, Che-Ting Chan, Kurt Busch, Guglielmo RubinacciRoland Schnaubelt, Ralf Hiptmair, Weinong Fu, Yuan Ping Feng, and many others.