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Finals Week came to a close last week.  Students taking online and in-person classes look forward to a break this summer before coming back for classes this fall.  In the 3D Lab, we’ve been fixing and improving equipment, also providing service to a continual stream of community requests that keeps us busy, too.  Numerous projects are made on the laser engraver, 3D printer, posters of various sizes, too.  Even while the pandemic is slowly changing for the better, students & patrons still wanna make!  Even goldfish at our local library are enjoying 3D printing nowadays.

The 3D Lab continues to provide free services for the community with our digital fabrication equipment and materials.  Feel free to contact us below if you have a project that we can assist with!  Click here for a complete list of equipment.

Maker Camp Registration is Open!

Hosted by Make: organization, Maker Camp is back!  Maker Camp is a free 6-week online (and in-person) summer camp, it can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated with existing camps. The curriculum is flexible and modular.  Maker Camp provides training, curriculum, and a community platform for collaboration for registered schools, libraries, museums, and more who are called Maker Camp Community Partners.  Want to get involved?  Sign up HERE. Questions or ideas?  Make: would love to hear your thoughts.  Please email them at mailto:makercamp@make.co

Tim, a Wayne College alumni who often frequented the 3D Lab as a student, is getting married!  We featured Tim’s creations a number of times as he’s quite the master of laser cutting, crafting intricate puzzle boxes and models for role playing games.  For this wedding, Tim’s creations are just as elaborate.  He designed a latticework card box using Adobe Illustrator, a beautiful lid for it, and a locking mechanism for the front, all cut from MDF wood.  Lab staff also cut designs that he made for a cake topper and personalized clothing for his best men.  We wish all the best for the soon-to-be-wed couple!

Students and community members find plentiful uses for the Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter that was provided by the Orrville Area Boys & Girls Club when the 3D Lab opened seven years ago.  This machine work much like the popular Cricut home cutting machines, though the Roland supports vinyl sheets up to two feet wide and of any length.

Community member Halee is part of the Orrville Mothers Study Club.  This year, due to COVID, they can’t go into Orrville Elementary and Orrville Middle School to put encouragement notes on student lockers, so they had to get a little creative.  Plastic “coro” signs were decorated with vinyl lettering then placed around the schools to lift their spirits during testing weeks for the kids at last month.

Katie, another community member, made large banners with the vinyl cutter to designate play stands for their preschool, teaching kids about various occupations during the event.  And back in the 3D Lab, before the pandemic, community members Lyle and Jane made custom t-shirts for them and their family participating in a variation of The Price Is Right airing in Cleveland.  They which certainly stood-out in the audience!  Heated transfer vinyl was used for the design which were  pressed onto the shirts.

As mentioned above, the 3D Lab continues to provide free services for the community with our digital fabrication equipment and materials.  Feel free to contact us below if you have a project that we can assist with!

Stay tuned later this month as we introduce more interesting folks who participated in the latest Maker Faire!

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Maker Faire Wayne County 2021 is postponed out of COVID19 precautions.  Still want to make things?  Try these DIY Make: Kits for adults and kids here!

Maker Monday is postponed out of COVID19 precautions.  Please check www.schantzmakerspace.com for future meeting dates, workshops, and activities as some dates have changed.

We offer a free “listserv” that allows to you ask questions to members in the makerspace. It’s great for sharing ideas, forming friendships, and helping & advising each other. To join, send an email to listserv@lists.uakron.edu with “SUBSCRIBE MAKERSPACE-GROUP” in the subject line.