Meet a Maker! Maker Faire Wayne County

Hello everyone,

Maker Faire Wayne County is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker Movement.  It’s a place where people show what they are making and share what they are learning.  Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers.  They are of all ages and backgrounds.  The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community.

The Daily Record said it best: “Dubbed the ‘Greatest Show and Tell on Earth’; over 1,200 people flocked to the third annual faire at the University of Akron Wayne College the summer before last.  It was a fresh experience with favorite makers from previous years along with new makers and new things to see and do.

Miami Make Week and 2nd Virtual Maker Faire!

The dedication and passion of the team at Miami’s Moonlighter FabLab continue to amplify the South Florida maker scene.  First up: Miami Make Week (April 12 through 17th) celebrates the innovation and expression of Miami makers + projects + spaces, building the local maker network, and generating excitement for the 2nd Virtual Maker Faire Miami coming this September.

We are proud to showcase Ohio makers who participated in Maker Faire Wayne County.  One of these groups is Tandy Leather of Cleveland, Ohio.  Tandy Leather was founded in 1919 with the dream of sharing leathercraft with the world.  Today, they continue this legacy as a trusted source of quality leather, tools, and teaching materials for leatherworkers everywhere.

At Maker Faire Wayne County, Tandy Leather’s booth was hugely popular.  Tandy staff provided free leather samples for attendees to stamp letters and images onto bracelets and other leather items.  There was a continual line of people waiting their turn to make something.  Click here for highlights from some of Tandy’s own makers.

Another person who participated in Maker Faire Wayne County is Jeff.  He has been in the “maker” culture for a number of years and is a regular participant and speaker at Schantz Makerspace.  He is always into a new and interesting project each time you meet him.  At Maker Faire Wayne County, he revealed a wide variety of electronic circuits, mainly LED displays.  He also built and demonstrated an “egg bot” that draws designs on them, a working 3D printed robotic arm & hand, a 3D printed bird feeder, and lots more. 

Jeff also fixes four-wheelers (“quads”), dirt bikes, and has been fabricating parts since 1990.  He performs cylinder boring, cylinder sleeving, quad crank rebuilding, aluminum welding, steel skid plates, poly rotor guards, foot pegs, poly belly frame skid plates, practically anything metal for these machines.  He also teaches metal working, CAD design, and 3D printing to students.

Rounding out our participating makers is Abigail.  Her friends and family describe her as outgoing, funny, a people person.  She loves interacting with every single customer and showcasing her work.  The Maker Faire is a perfect opportunity for both.  Abigail has been working with clay for a couple of years now.  She handmakes every charm and loves doing custom orders.

At Wayne County Maker Faire, Abigail brought her full stock to the show.  This included Christmas bulbs, earrings, rings, hair clips, clay charms big and small, clay food snakes, clay snake necklaces, clay beads, keychains, mini snow globes, Christmas things like present toppers and ornaments, clip-on earrings, and wreaths.  Her creations are certainly one-of-a-kind!  To see more of them (with the option to purchase) , visit her Etsy store here.

If you would like to know more about Tandy Leather, Jeff’s 3D printed inventions, or Abigail’s clay art, please reply to this email!

Until next week,