Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc.: Scholarship Program

Deadline: January 16, 2015

The NSNA Foundation awards scholarships to nursing and pre-nursing students based on academic achievement, financial need, and involvement in nursing student organizations and community activities related to health care. Applicants must be enrolled in U.S. state approved schools of nursing or pre-nursing in associate degree, baccalaureate, diploma, or generic doctorate or master’s programs.

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University of Delaware: Master’s Degree Program in Art Conservation Fellowship

Deadline: January 15, 2015

The University of Delaware Art Conservation Department awards fellowships annually to college graduates pursuing a Master’s degree in art conservation at Winterthur, the premier museum of American decorative arts.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art: Summer Internship for College Students

Deadline: January 8, 2015

This program offers fifteen individuals interested in pursuing careers in the arts and museum fields a dynamic and hands-on introduction to the daily operations of one of the world’s largest museums. Candidates from various academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Each intern is assigned to a department and works closely with a supervisor on special and ongoing projects. Training is integral to the interns’ experience; in addition to developing practical work skills through their departmental placements, interns participate in MuSe (Museum Seminars) and interact directly with the Museum’s diverse audience by assisting at the Information Desk and presenting Highlights and Special Topics Tours two half-days per week.

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National Center for Atmospheric Research: High Altitude Observatory Scientific Visitors Program

Deadline: Considerations of long-term visitor applications will be made continuously throughout the year. Long-term applicants should submit a brief memo stating their interests, proposed staff member or collaborator(s), dates of the visit, and specific requests for resources, both financial and computational.

The sponsor provides support for established researchers visiting HAO from their home institution. The term of appointment ranges from a few days to a year (this includes sabbatical visits), depending upon the collaborative research being propoosed, and may occur at any time during the year.

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Environmental Research and Education Foundation: General Request for Proposals – Research in Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Deadline: January 8, 2015

Submissions of scientific research proposals related to sustainable solid waste management practices are invited in the following areas: waste minimization; recycling; landfilling; waste conversion to energy, biofuels, chemicals or other useful products, including, but is not limited to, waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion, composting, and other thermal or biological conversion technologies; strategies to promote diversion to higher and better uses (e.g. organics diversion, market analysis, optimized material management, logistics, etc.).

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Now Accepting Proposals for FRC Summer Fellowships

Deadline: January 23, 2015 at 4:00pm

FRC Summer Fellowship Program: The University of Akron annually provides funds for summer fellowships. Up to $10,000 is available for FRC Summer Fellowships.

All full-time faculty are encouraged to apply. Regardless of tenure status, faculty who receive summer fellowships in two consecutive years are ineligible in the third year. Awards are generally made within six weeks after the proposal submission deadline.

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Navigating the FRC Guidelines and Application Process: Katie Watkins-Wendell, Asst. VP for Research is once again offering training on the successful navigation of the FRC guidelines and application process for the upcoming 2014-2015 Summer Fellowship Competition.

Training sessions will be offered twice. Applicants only need to attend one session.

Tuesday, December 2, Student Union 312, 11:30am-1pm

Wednesday, December 3, Student Union 312, 11:30am-1pm

Please RSVP to Kelly Meyer at and designate which session you plan to attend.

Sundress Academy for the Arts: Sundress Academy

Deadline: Not Specified

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) accepts applications for short-term artists’ residencies in creative writing, visual art, film/theater, music, and more. These residencies are designed to give artists time and space to complete their creative projects in a quiet and productive environment.

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Golden Field Office/Department of Energy: Wind Energy – Bat Impact Minimization Technologies and Field Testing Opportunities

Deadline: November 21, 2014

The intent of this funding opportunity is to support research and development projects that advance the technical readiness of bat impact mitigation and minimization technologies. This FOA will also support the field testing and evaluation of near‐commercial bat impact mitigation technologies, which if successful, will provide regulators and wind facility owner‐operators with viable and cost effective tools to reduce their impacts on bats and ease the regulatory & financial uncertainty related to the development and long‐term operation of wind farms in bat habitat.

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Directorate for Engineering/NSF: Systems Science (SYS)

Deadline: February 17, 2015

The Systems Science (SYS) program supports fundamental research leading to a theoretical foundation for design and systems engineering. In particular, the Systems Science program seeks intellectual advances in which underlying theories (such as probability theory, decision theory, game theory, organizational sociology, behavioral economics or cognitive psychology) are integrated and abstracted to develop explanatory models for design and systems engineering in a general, domain-independent fashion. Ideally, the explanatory models, derived from the underlying theoretical foundations will lead to testable hypotheses. Based on collected evidence supporting or falsifying the hypotheses, new insights are gained allowing the explanatory models to be refined or updated.

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