Research for Lunch Featuring Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Dr. Jiahua Zhu


Speaker: Dr. Jiahua Zhu

Date/Time/Location: Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 12-1 pm in Whitby Hall, room 211

Carbon with mesoporous structure attracted great interests since it has been demonstrated efficient adsorbent for pollutants removal from water and excellent catalyst support for chemical reactions. This work presents a new approach to fabricate mesoporous carbon. The elucidation of mesopore formation directly from raw biomass will pave the road to understand, design and fabricate functional porous carbons for adsorption and generate impact in other related fields such as catalysis and energy storage. The “green” feature of this technology is expected to revolutionize conventional mesoporous carbon manufacturing technology with significantly reduced cost and environmental impact.

Dr. Jiahua Zhu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Akron. Dr. Zhu received his Ph.D. degree of Chemical Engineering from Lamar University in 2013. Dr. Zhu’s current research interest covers the fundamental study of multifunctional polymer- and carbon-based nanocomposites and explores their applications in emerging fields such as heat transport, energy storage, environmental remediation, etc.

Please join us to learn more about Dr. Zhu’s new research. Feel free to bring your lunch!

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Awards for the Federal Research Network (FRN) Round 1 proposals were announced on January 22, 2016.  As a result of the Round 1 white paper and proposal review, it has been determined that it is essential to provide applied research proposal training to each of the Centers of Excellence (COEs). As a result, a Round 2 RFP Proposal Training session has been developed and is required for all COEs that plan to submit white papers in Round 2. Due to the overwhelming response for the inaugural training session on February 5, a second offering of the training will be provided on February 12, in Columbus. This training is only for university members

WHAT: FRN Round 2 RFP Training

WHEN: 12 February, 2016 (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) – lunch provided

WHERE: : ElectroScience Laboratory, 1330 Kinnear Road, Columbus OH 43212     Room 132 (1st Floor)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  This training is for university members. We would strongly recommend that COE leads, project leads and their designees attend, as well as PI’s for projects that will be submitted or potentially submitted in the FRN Round 2 White Paper call that is expected to be released on January 28th.

COST: There is no fee for this training

HOW TO REGISTER: Please register using this link    You will receive more information about the training after receipt of your registration.

Space is limited, please register as soon as possible to reserve your seat.

Engineering & Technology

Superfund Hazardous Substance Research and Training Program

Deadline: March 11, 2016

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) invites applications for Superfund Hazardous Substance Research and Training Program, referred to as Superfund Research Program (SRP) Centers. SRP Center grants will support problem-based, solution-oriented research Centers that consist of multiple, integrated projects representing both the biomedical and environmental science and engineering disciplines; as well as cores tasked with administrative, community engagement, research translation, training, and research support functions.

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International Research Network Connections

Deadline: March 17, 2016

The International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program supports high-performance network connectivity required by international science and engineering research and education collaborations involving the NSF research community. NSF expects to make 1-2 awards to link U.S. research networks with peer networks in Europe and Africa and leverage existing international network connectivity.

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Industry Partnerships for Cybersecurity of Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Research and Development for the Energy Sector

Deadline: March 22, 2016

This RD&D will lead to next generation tools and technologies that will become widely adopted to enhance and accelerate deployment of cybersecurity capabilities for the U.S energy infrastructure, including cyber secure integration of smart grid technologies.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers Scholarship Opportunities

Math & Science

STEM + Computing Partnerships

Deadline: March 8, 2016

The STEM+C Partnerships program seeks to significantly enhance the learning and teaching of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and computing by K-12 students and teachers, through research on, and development of, courses, curriculum, course materials, pedagogies, instructional strategies, or models that innovatively integrate computing into one or more STEM disciplines, or integrate STEM content into the teaching and learning of computing.

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Superfund Hazardous Substance Research and Training Program

Deadline: March 11, 2016

SRP Center grants will support problem-based, solution-oriented research Centers that consist of multiple, integrated projects representing both the biomedical and environmental science and engineering disciplines; as well as cores tasked with administrative, community engagement, research translation, training, and research support functions.

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Long-Term Ecological Research

Deadline: March 4, 2016

Ongoing research at LTER sites must test ecological theories and significantly advance understanding of the long-term dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems. It often integrates multiple disciplines and, through cross-site interactions, examines patterns or processes over broad spatial scales. Recognizing that the value of long-term data extends beyond use at any individual site, NSF requires that data collected by all LTER sites be made broadly accessible.

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Biological Anthropology

Deadline: March 16, 2016

The Biological Anthropology Program supports basic research in areas related to human evolution and contemporary human biological variation. Research areas supported by the program include, but are not limited to, human genetic variation, human and nonhuman primate ecology and adaptability, human osteology and bone biology, human and nonhuman primate paleontology, functional anatomy, and primate socioecology.

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Dimensions of Biodiversity

Deadline: March 17, 2016

The goal of the Dimensions of Biodiversity campaign is to transform, by 2020, how we describe and understand the scope and role of life on Earth. This campaign promotes novel integrative approaches to fill the most substantial gaps in our understanding of the diversity of life on Earth. It takes a broad view of biodiversity, and focuses on the intersection of genetic, phylogenetic, and functional dimensions of biodiversity.

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I-Corps@Ohio Registration Deadline February 7, 2016

Faculty, staff and students have until 11:59 pm, February 7th to register for this year’s I-Corps@Ohio summer cohorts. Individuals interested in advancing fundamental research to innovative products, services and business models will want to visit the webpage below, and take part in this fantastic resource from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

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