We are printing at 2:00!

Stop by A-120 and see what we are up to.

First trial run of the printer is today!

Hello all,

Come join us this afternoon in A-120 to see the 3D printer in-action, making objects.  Better yet, e-mail me any object that you like us to print!  Here is how to do it:

  1. Visit www.thingiverse.com
  2. Click Explore > Categories from the top menu
  3. Find an object that you wish to print
  4. E-mail me the name of the object (such as “Angel with books”)

Please select any object you like, something fun and interesting.  The more varied things we can print, the better we will understand how to use the printer.  Currently we can print in white and red, so let me know the color(s) you would like, too.  Red, green, blue, and black colors are being shipped to us later this week.

We will let you know the time we will start printing this afternoon, or just stop by when you like.