David A. Hejmanowski

Office: For Judge of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, Probate/Juvenile Division
Term Beginning 2/9/2021

Age: 44

Residence: Delaware



Social Media: 

Occupation: Judge

Education:  J.D. Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Work Experience: 
Assistant Prosecutor, Delaware County 1999-2003; Magistrate/Court Administrator, Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court 2003-2015; Judge, Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court, 2015-present.

Family: Married with 2 children

Affiliations: Member- Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice; Board Member- National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges; Board Member- National Center for Juvenile Justice; Board Member- Ohio State Bar Foundation; Chair- Ohio Supreme Court Language Services Committee; Member- Ohio Supreme Court Comission on the Rules of Superintendence; Member- Governor’s Council on Juvenile Justice; President- Delaware County Historical Society; Vice-President- Central Ohio Symphony; Vice-President- Arena Fair Theater Company; Member- Board of Directors Strand Cultural Arts Association; Member- Asbury United Methodist Church

Endorsements: Delaware County Republican Party

Bar Association Ratings: 

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years)
Magistrate/Court Administrator- Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court 2003-2015 Judge- Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court 2015-present

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?
From 1999 to 2003 I served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Delaware County, during which time I prosecuted more than 400 criminal cases, handled juvenile matters, prosecuted child abuse and neglect matters and represented Delaware County Political Subdivisions in civil matters. I also served as Chair of the Ohio State Bar Association’s Juvenile Law Committee and a member of that organization’s Board of Governors.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
I have thoroughly enjoyed my seventeen years of experience at the court, and in particular the last five years serving as Judge. During that five years, we have improved case flow, shortened timelines to completion in cases, streamlined the handling of child neglect and abuse matters, modernized court technology, ended the wasteful practice of attempting to collect exorbitant fees from young children, and instituted multiple grant-funded programs to attempt to divert low-level offenders and reduce overuse of juvenile detention. I love the work that we do, and the people with whom I have the privilege of working. Yet, there is much more to do. We have just opened our juvenile assessment center. We are in the early stages of implementing a guardianship services board. We are recognized around the state as a leading example in court programming, and I wish to continue the momentum that we have established.