Deborah G. Lang

Office: For Judge of the Licking County Court of Common Pleas, Probate/Juvenile Division
Term Beginning 2/9/2021

Age: 40

Residence: Newark



Social Media:

Occupation: Magistrate

Education: J.D. Case Western Reserve School of Law; B.A. The Ohio State University

Work Experience: Magistrate, Licking County Domestic Relations Court since 2011; private practice 2006-2011; Adjunct Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve School of Law

Family: Married with two children

Affiliations: Graduate, the Jo Ann Davidson Leadership Institute; Newark Rotary; Camp O’Bannon; Young Leaders of Licking County; The Licking County Foundation; The Works: Ohio Center for Art, History, and Technology; Former Board Member of the Red Cross of Licking County; Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks; Newark Mannerchor; Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College; Licking County Bar Association; Ohio State Bar Association

Endorsements: Rep. Troy Balderson, U.S. House of Representatives, 12th District of Ohio; Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp; Betty Montgomery, former Ohio Attorney General; Licking County Clerk of Courts Gary Walters; Licking County Auditor Michael Smith; Licking County Treasurer Olivia Parkinson; Jenny Wells, First Assistant Prosecutor, Licking County Prosecutor’s Office; Mark Weiner, Director of Victim’s Services, Licking County Prosecutor’s Office; and many more, please see the “Endorsements” tab on my website for a complete list:

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years)
Magistrate, Licking County Domestic Relations Court, 2011-Present. Years of experience presiding over cases involving abused, neglected, or dependent children; domestic violence cases where I issue orders to protect victims and children; and cases where parents for one reason or another are unable to parent their children and I must determine where the children will be placed. During my time on the bench, I have developed strategies to improve docket management, gained experience in hiring and personnel management, and created forms to allow easier access to the court for people who do not have legal representation.

I have seen the rise in drug addiction in our county and have crafted countless orders to promote the recovery of addicted parents without compromising the safety of their children. I have developed extensive relationships with other leaders in our community who are working to protect children and victims of domestic violence, and have earned a reputation as being firm, compassionate, and fair.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?
I am very proud of my years on the bench helping families. But being a judge is about more than what you do in the courtroom. I have dedicated my professional career to serving our community. Through my participation in a multitude of charitable and professional organizations, I have proven myself to be a leader that understands the challenges we now face.

I am an NRA member and staunch defender of the Second Amendment. I am a Christian who strongly supports the sanctity of life. I am also a mother of two children, and continuously strive to ensure our community is a place where children are safe to thrive and grow. I am also the sister of a man with significant special needs. My brother is on the spectrum, and I have watched him struggle throughout his life to be a productive member of our community. I have seen his kind and trusting nature be taken advantage of by people who have used him financially and emotionally. I am fiercely protective of my children, my brother, and my family.

Through my professional experience in the courtroom and my personal experience as a mother and a family member of someone with special needs, I understand the unique challenges that impact families. Families struggling with drug addiction, with aging parents, and with family members who have mental or physical challenges that prevent them from caring for themselves need a judge who is passionate, hard working, and dedicated. They need a judge who will do what is necessary to protect our children and the other defenseless members of our community. I am invested in our county and the people within it, and have the right combination of professional and personal experience to serve as your next Juvenile Probate Judge.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
As a conservative Republican who believes in limited government and a restrained judiciary that does not legislate, I believe it is paramount that we have a strong conservative leader running this very important court.

Juvenile Probate Court serves the most vulnerable populations in our community. During my time at Domestic Relations Court, I have seen the rise of cases where neither parent is suitable to have custody of their children. I have seen the rise in cases where grandparents and other family members step up to gain custody of a child who cannot remain with their parents. I have seen how the cycle of abuse and addiction has impacted our families and our youth.

As your next Juvenile Probate Judge, I will have the ability to improve access to that court and its resources for people who know a child is in danger but are unsure of how to seek help from the court. I will have the ability to create a specialized docket to better address the needs of high-risk/high needs youth offenders in our county. My passion is protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and I have dedicated my professional career towards that end. As the next judge of Juvenile Probate Court, I will have the opportunity to have a greater positive impact on our families, and do more to protect the children within them.