J.P. Morgan

Office: For Judge of the Mahoning County Court #3
Unexpired Term Ending 1/2/2025

Age: 45

Residence: Canfield



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Occupation: Mahoning County Court Judge

Education: BS, University of Akron (1997) – JD, Ohio Northern University (2001)

Work Experience: Chief Legal Counsel for JP Morgan Esquire, Limited (2003-Current)

Family: Married 22 years to his wife (Ronnie), the Morgan’s have 6 children together (ages 7-18)

Affiliations: Member Mahoning County and Ohio State Bar Association – Tabernacle Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Austintown)

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(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years)
I currently serve as one of four Mahoning County Court Judges. I was appointed by Governor Dewine in March of 2018 and have sat on the bench for the last year and a half.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?
As a practicing attorney in the Mahoning Valley for 18 years, I bring a wide-ranging skill set and vast courtroom experience to the bench. My multi-county legal practice allowed me to see how our area courts can run efficiently, effectively and justly. Serving as both a public defender (10 years) and acting prosecutor, I understand our criminal justice system from every angle. My civil litigation experience has given me the experience and knowledge of the law that is needed to properly hear, understand and rule upon those civil cases assigned to me.

I have been a trusted member of the bar association having served for 10 years (2 as chairman) on the Trumbull County Ethics Committee, a committee that investigates and holds accountable lawyers who violate ethical rules. I have volunteered hundreds of hours assisting low income and underprivileged clients in the Mahoning Valley who otherwise might not have been able to access to our legal system. As a Guardian Ad Litem for hundreds of children I served as a voice for children in abuse, neglect and dependency cases. I understand the positive impact our Courts can have on children and families. I have also seen firsthand how the drug epidemic in our community has wreaked havoc on our families. While there is no easy answer to this problem, I have seen and experienced programs that work and those that don’t. I understand our Courts, our area’s unique challenges and run a Court that puts integrity and the rule of law at the forefront of all it does.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
My wife and our six children love this community! We want to see it continue to be a great place to live and raise a family. Our families and this community deserve a Court that they can trust. My Christian faith provides the back drop and foundation of who I am. Honesty, character and integrity are truths that I have been taught from a very young age. I have learned that integrity is not something you say you have, it is something you do. My life’s work reflects a dedication to seeking truth, to seeking what is good and just and seeking what is right. It is for these reasons I am seeking to retain my seat on the Mahoning County Court.

Since taking the bench, I have implemented many changes and programs to make the court function more efficiently, more cost effective and to directly deal with the drug/mental health problem that is gripping our area. Some of the simple things that we have done is that we begin court sessions on time. I understand that everyone’s time is important and so when we are scheduled to have a hearing, I am promptly on the bench. I have also implemented a program to limit the number of people, including police officers that are subpoenaed for non-trial court hearings. This has reduced the impact on witnesses having to miss work and has kept police officers out serving the community and not stuck in court. I have implemented a license recovery program that assists persons in getting their license reinstated and back on the road legally.

I have met with nearly every drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment provider in the area. I have closely evaluated treatment programs that work and those that don’t. This has enabled me to direct those who have become involved in the criminal justice system to the correct places for treatment. While I am a law and order judge, I do understand the drug epidemic and how it has exacerbated our problems. I am always looking for common sense solutions, but I am not afraid to use my power as a judge to punish offenders when necessary. I will continue to work diligently to make the court more efficient and effective.