Melissa Roubic

Office: Portage County Municipal Court Judge

Age: 55

Residence: Windham, OH



Occupation: Attorney and Owner of ROUBIC LAW OFFICES, LLC

Education: BBA – Kent State University, J.D. – University of Akron

Work Experience: Owner/Attorney – ROUBIC LAW OFFICES, LLC, 18 years; Acting Judge – 2004 to present; Attorney/Consultant – Ernst & Young, LLP, 4 years; Systems Engineer – Electronic Data Systems, 10 years

Family: Married 29 years to David, three adult children Alexandra, Toren and Kennedy, one granddaughter and another on the way!

Affiliations: Member – Portage County Community Corrections Board, Member/Past President – Portage County Bar Association, Member – Ohio State Bar Association, Member – Ravenna Rotary Club, Member – Fraternal Order of Eagles #2705, Member/Past President – Maplewood Career Center, Member/Past President – Windham Exempted Village Schools, Member – Italian American Club, Member/Lector/Eucharistic Minister – St. Michael’s Parish, Past Member (term limited) – Catholic Charities Serving Portage and Stark Counties

Endorsements:  United Steelworkers Local 21, General Truck Drivers and Helpers Teamsters Local Union No. 92, Communications Workers of America Local 4312, Portage County Democratic Leaders Kathleen Clyde, Ruth Stephens, Jill Fankhauser, Thomas Siciliano

Bar Association Ratings:  N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):

Acting Judge – Portage County Municipal Court, 2004 to present. I sit on the bench, by invitation of the current elected judges, as a Portage County Municipal Court Judge when current judges are unavailable due to training, illness, vacation, etc. As an Acting Judge for fifteen years, I handle all types of civil and criminal cases that come before the Court. I have learned how important it is when deciding a case or issuing a sentence, to take all of the facts and circumstances into consideration. It is important to listen to all parties affected by the case and to treat people with respectfully. People make mistakes and my goal as a Judge is for individuals to learn from those mistakes, take responsibility and make amends to the victim, so different choices are made in the future and criminal behavior is not repeated. I can be compassionate, while also being firm and fair to all parties. Owner/Attorney – ROUBIC LAW OFFICES, LLC, 2001 – present. My private practice includes both criminal and civil representation in Municipal Courts, Court of Common Pleas and the Appellate Court. In Municipal Court, I represent plaintiffs in civil cases such as evictions, unpaid debts, breach of contracts and money disputes. I also represent victims of crimes who have been harmed physically and/or financially. Municipal Court regularly handles cases involving underage alcohol consumption, Operating a Vehicle while under the Influence (OVI), assault, domestic violence, theft, drug paraphernalia and drug possession. Municipal Court sentencing may include county jail time. I provide criminal defense representation in these types of cases as well. Common Pleas Court handles felony criminal matters of a more serious nature and sentencing may include prison, as well as money disputes greater than 5,000.00. I handle both criminal and civil cases. The Domestic Relations Court and Juvenile Court are part of the Court of Common Pleas. I have represented hundreds of clients in family matters such as divorce, custody and companionship. I also serve as Guardian ad Litem on behalf of the child(ren) in both Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court. My representation in Juvenile Court also includes parents or family members in juvenile dependency, abuse and neglect cases, and children charged with delinquency offenses. I help victims of crimes throughout the legal process as well as clients who are seeking assistance through a civil claim when they have been harmed financially.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

I am active in my community and in multiple organizations throughout Portage County. As a parent, my husband and I have coached basketball, softball, baseball and soccer. I was a founding member and past President for ten (10) years of the G-W Soccer Club which provided recreational soccer every year for approximately 300 children, ages 4-13. As a member of St. Michael’s parish, I serve as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister. I also volunteered as a Board Member for Catholic Charities Serving Portage and Stark County for the maximum term the bylaws permitted. I currently serve on the Maplewood Career Center and Windham Exempted Village Schools Boards of Education and have served as President for both boards. I also belong to the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2705, Italian American Club and the Ravenna Rotary Club. My parents were very active in volunteering and serving in the community. Growing up, I learned by example from the best and I appreciate the importance of community service! I love living in rural Portage County and have lived here for over 45 years. My husband and I made a conscious decision to return to Portage County to raise our children here. Having a family and serving in these various positions have enriched me deeply and helped me to develop strong interpersonal and organizational skills. I have also learned the value of listening and make a conscious effort to continually develop my listening skills. As a result, I am grateful to have a successful private law practice for nearly twenty (20) years. The majority of my clients are now from referrals and this is the ultimate compliment. I also apply these skills while serving as an Acting Judge. I enjoy serving in this role and working with the community. Most importantly, I see the positive difference I make while on the bench, for all parties involved. It is clear an effective Judge must listen carefully, evaluate the facts and circumstances, and apply the law consistently and fairly to best serve the residents of Portage County.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?

Current Judge, Barbara Oswick is retiring and her term ends this year. I really enjoy my private practice and have a great staff! My decision to run for this position was made after considerable thought and advice from many people in the community whom I respect and value their opinions. My parents instilled in me the value of giving back to the community and set a great example! I am blessed in my personal and professional life. I made the commitment approximately three years ago that I would seek Judge Oswick’s seat when she retired. As a Municipal Court Judge, I will utilize the skills and resources provided to me in the most constructive manner possible. Through my private practice, I have met so many people in various legal situations. People often ask me how I can work with problems every day. It is true that clients seeking legal representation may be at one of the darkest points in their life. Perhaps it is a painful divorce or it could be someone charged with a crime. The most rewarding aspect of my private practice is to help people through the legal process to see there is light at the end of the tunnel! With planning and appropriate action, a low point in your life or a bad decision can be overcome. It is this aspect of my practice that is so rewarding – when people realize they can recover and move on towards a more productive and happier life. After serving as an Acting Judge for many years, I have seen the difference a Judge can make on people’s lives. At the Municipal Court level, I have the opportunity to serve as the first line of intervention and deterrent so criminal actions are not repeated. It is also an opportunity for victims of crimes to be heard. I believe it is very important for Municipal Court Judges to acknowledge and listen to victims so they can also heal and move forward. Municipal Court is often the first interaction a person has with any kind of Court. Whether it’s a traffic ticket, a physical altercation or property damage, it can be frightening for plaintiffs, defendants and victims. Our Municipal Court must be approachable, firm and fair in rendering decisions. I will provide this service to the residents of Portage County. Thank you for your consideration.