NEW PUBLICATION – Algae collection by Air Floatation

In our publication, Additive-free harvesting of oleaginous phagotrophic microalga by oil and air flotation, Dr. Hosseini, H.A. Starvaggi and Dr. Ju demonstrate that Ochromonas danica (an oleaginous phagotrophic algae) can be collected by simple air floatation and/or partitioning with oil droplets.

In pre-testing, algae cultures contacted with an organic liquid (hexadecane) showed that approximately 71% of the cells migrated to the hexadecane-water interface. This partitioning indicated the cells are more hydrophobic in nature and could be a good candidate for air floatation. In further air floatation testing, the cell highest recoveries were found with lower pH (3-4), and medium to smaller air-stones (91%-97%). Effects of time, column dimensions, sample volume, and culture conditions are also discussed in the full article.

The article and description of the L-9 Taguchi orthogonal-array experimental design can be found online at Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering.

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