DDS are Ziptastic Recipients!

Design and Development Services or DDS (Steve Kaufman, Rene Molenaur, Jamie Newhall, Ling Qian, Patrick Tabatcher, and Wendy Lampner) received the Ziptastic award in May.  Here’s what they said:

Congratulations!  We are honored to inform you, the amazing group of employees in Design and Development Services department, that you, as a group are the recipients of the SEAC Ziptastic Award for the month of May.  All of you were nominated by the faculty and staff from Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences for the amazing work you accomplished transitioning UA to online courses in a matter of days.  We are excited to share your dedication to the UA Community.

The Ziptastic Award was created by the Staff Employee Advisory Committee (SEAC) in October of 2016. The purpose of the Ziptastic program is to raise awareness of the contributions of UA employees who are committed to the The University of Akron community. 

The faculty and staff of the Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences (through BCC) collectively (and anonymously) submitted the following nomination…

We are nominating the entire Design and Development Service department. This is unusual, but well deserved. It would be difficult to overstate the difference our colleagues at DDS have made, in every department across campus, as we have moved all classes online in response to the coronavirus. Among other responses to this crisis, they have scheduled online workshops for WebEx and Brightspace, have posted tutorials for other online aids, have answered endless questions from faculty through email, and have monitored their phones for last-second difficulties faculty encountered. This is, of course, no surprise. DDS has been providing thoughtful and engaged professional support for our community for many years. But in the context of this crisis, we have come to even more deeply appreciate their contributions to teaching and learning in our classrooms. Many thanks DDS.

A well-deserved award to the members of DDS!  A great job and CONGRATULATIONS!

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