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2016 IUG Enhancement Voting

As a member of IUG, University Libraries is eligible to vote for 2016 IUG Enhancement ballot items.  As IUG liaison I’m the person designated to complete the ballot. Based on your input I’ll cast votes in each of the categories that are applicable to our Sierra system.

2016 IUG Enhancement Ballot:

  • Below are the page numbers for the functional areas applicable to our Sierra system set-up. Look over the ballot items in each section that corresponds to the function(s) you use in Sierra.
  • Select up to the maximum number of ballot items allowed in each functional section. Copy and paste the Ballot # into a list. Examples: ACQ-1 Funds, CIR-40 Patron Record.
  • Some sections may be of interest to all: Create Lists, Core Functionality, WebPac, Statistics and Reporting
  • Once you have completed your list(s) of ballot items, send them to me by 12:00 pm (noon) on Monday 2/29.


Acquisitions (choose 8)                          Page       1

Cataloging  (choose 4)                            Page       8

Circulation  (choose 22)                          Page      12

Core Functionality  (choose 10)             Page      32

Create Lists and
Global/Rapid Updates  (choose 4)         Page      41

ERM   (choose 2)                                      Page      45

INNReach   (choose 2)                             Page      52

Other Programs  (choose 2)                    Page      54

Serials  (choose 3)                                   Page      58

Statistics and Reporting   (choose 3)    Page      61

WebPAC   (choose 12)                             Page      64

 You can view previous year’s ballots and the 2016 Ballot in Excel format on the IUG website.  You’ll need to log in with your MyIUG Login. If you don’t have a MyIUG login, you can create one. Our member code is 456.


For more information on the IUG Enhancement Process:

UAL User Interfaces Committee University Libraries

SearchOhio icon added to UAL Catalog

The UAL Catalog now displays the SearchOhio icon in addition to the OhioLINK  icon. Users can now pass their search directly to SearchOhio from the UAL Catalog.










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LinkSource link resolver

You may have been searching our databases this week and noticed a new link called LinkSource. We are currently replacing our old OLinks link resolver with a product from EBSCO called LinkSource. A link resolver helps connect citations from one database with the article’s full text located in another database. To do this it takes information about the citation and tries to match it with the information about our electronic journals (and sometimes other electronic resources) that we maintain in our eJournal A-Z list. Migrating all of our eJournal information from our current A-Z list to a new product, also from EBSCO, is part of this project as well. Ultimately all of this work is important in setting the stage for the new Discovery Service, which we expect to launch publicly in late September.

As we move through this project you may see different links, such as LinkSource, presented as part of your database search results. There may also be some glitches in linking from a citation in one database to the full text in another while we work on improving the system, and we appreciate your patience with this process. If you have any serious problems to report please do so through the Footprints system so that we can track them properly.