Community Outreach

November 4, 2023: Zips Visit Day

Zips Visit Day is a time which interested high school students tour the university and learn more about the subject they are considering to major in. To show the power of chemistry, we had fun demonstrating how thin layer chromatography can be used as a method to separate chemicals based on their polarity.

January 27, 2023: Dr. Popov participates in the STEM High School Capstone Mentor Program for the Class of 2023 at the Central Hower High School.

The STEM Capstone program is a unique program that combines the STEM passion for problem-based learning with user-centered design to help high school seniors solve problems in their community. 
STEM seniors work closely with community partners as mentors to learn about the problems they have identified as well as to brainstorm and evaluate potential sustainable products as services to solve these problems for their community.

November 18, 2022: Central Hower High School Demonstrations

Chad and Alexis give a presentation at Central Hower High School to engage with the community of potential future University of Akron students!
Chad lights up a combustion reaction with a flaming gummy bear!
Chad and Alexis eagerly await for the elephant’s toothpaste reaction to create a geyser of foam. Cold weather really affects the rate of reaction!

Group photo with the Central Hower High School students after the experiments.