Corey James Speweik

Office: For Judge of the Wood County Court of Common Pleas, General/Domestic Relations Division
Term Beginning 1/1/2021

Age: 42

Residence: Bowling Green



Social Media:

Occupation: Attorney

Education: BA, Fordham University; Juris Doctor, University of Toledo College of Law

Work Experience: Attorney since 2007, Chief Prosecutor and Solicitor for many municipalities, Mayor’s Court Magistrate, Certified Mediator

Family: Married with three children

Affiliations: St. John XIII Church, Perrysburg, OH


Bar Association Ratings: 

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years)
Walbridge Mayor’s Court (2020)

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?
As the chief prosecutor for many municipalities, I have extensive experience prosecuting criminals. But, my experience as a defense attorney also allows me to see issues from both sides. I believe in justice for victims and have served for many years on the Board of Alicia’s Voice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help domestic violence victims. Additionally, as an experienced litigator, I have extensive practice in family law, complex civil litigation, mediation, and arbitration. As the chief legal officer for many municipalities, I also have experience in drafting legislation, personnel matters, and working with constituents.

Our court’s docket last year was comprised of less than 30% criminal cases, with the balance (about 70%) being family law (divorce/dissolution/custody) and other complicated civil matters. Our courts need judges who have broad experience in all of the matters which may come before the court. I have experience in 100% of the issues which the court of common pleas may hear.

Because Agriculture is one of our county’s largest industries, land use and real estate law affects many people. I have done a significant amount of work in these areas. As a former owner of a title company, I am experienced in the issues that affect real estate. When the pipelines came in, I represented clients who had their land taken from them, securing them some of the highest compensation in the state. Being a farmer myself, I understand the issues of drainage and easements; the impact of projects on farms, and the application of law to the situations which are brought to the court.

In addition to advocating for clients, I also help people resolve problems through mediation. I am the head of the mediation program at the Perrysburg Municipal Court and regularly mediate issues for litigants there, as well as privately mediate complex issues of other parties. Through mediation, I help people resolve problems amicably and without the enormous expense associated with litigation. In summary, I bring a well-rounded perspective and practical approach to everything I do.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
I was born and raised in Wood County. I love my community and strive each day to keep it a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I believe that a strong legal system is the very foundation for maintaining our great community. By protecting the rights of the citizens and ensuring that laws are fairly and evenly enforced, our communities stay safe. By fairly and efficiently resolving civil matters between residents, we see our businesses thrive and our property values remain high.

The law is important to me. I am passionate about the law- its ins and outs- and the process surrounding it. I strongly believe in the separation of the different branches of government and believe that judges should not “legislate from the bench.” I believe in the Constitution and the individual rights protected by it. I want to help do my part in protecting and preserving our great republic- not just locally, but also on a state and national level.

As an attorney and business owner in our county, I have been accountable to my clients. I have to work hard for them in order to keep them satisfied. As judge, I want to do the same thing on a broader scale– I want to help the residents of the county by making sure our legal system is functioning at the highest level possible– without compromise. I want to be one of the best judges the county has ever had and will work hard for the people of Wood County to ensure that crimes are punished, justice is done, and the law is followed, as written.