Terre L. Vandervoort

For Judge of the Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas, Probate/Juvenile Division
Full Term Beginning 2/9/2021

Age: 54

Residence: Lancaster



Social Media: 

Occupation: Juvenile Probate Judge

Education: JD from Ohio State University

Work Experience: 20 years as Lancaster City Law Director/Prosecutor

Family: Married with 2 children

Affiliations: Former Lighthouse Board of Director, Fairfield County Child Advocacy Center Board President, Methodist

Endorsements: Fairfield County Republican Party

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years)
I have been with the Fairfield County Juvenile Probate Court for 8 years.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?
I focused on family safety matters by developing the Fairfield County DV protocol. I was awarded the Ohio Victims of Crime Public Policy Leadership Award for my work on focusing on the safety of families. I have also focused on mental health collaboration and was awarded the ADMH community Award for developing partnerships for treatment of those in need of emergent mental health crisis care.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?
I love my community and being in the service of families of Fairfield County.