Soy Bean Harvest


In doing research with soybeans, we need to periodically re-culture the seeds.  We are using a special cultivar that is not naturally resistant to fungal attack.  This serves as a positive control in testing.  Not too many people would want to grow this for normal crop production, therefore it is …

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NEW PUBLICATION – Soybean carbohydrate as fermentation feedstock

Soybeans are commonly used for their oil and proteins.  However, the carbohydrate rich fibers can be converted into fermentation feedstock.  This carbohydrate liquid can then be fermented into many different products, including ethanol, butanol, enzymes, succinic acid, etc.  Dr. Al Loman and Dr. Ju have written a nice summary of the different technologies in Process …

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NEW Publication – Soy Flour Carbohydrates via Enzyme Hydrolysis

In a recent article, Dr. Al Loman and Dr. Ju demonstrate that kinetic models can be applied to the enzyme hydrolysis of soy carbohydrates (for improved digestion).  They have described a time, enzyme, and substrate dependent model equation to show the progression of cellulase, xylanase, pectinase, and alpha-galactosidase on the hydrolysis of complex …

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