SpringShare / LibApps Updates

From the desk of SpringShare:

LibCal, LibStaffer, LibInsight, LibGuides/LibApps, LibAnswers, and LibWizard Code Updates Coming Your Way!
We’ve been busy beavers over at Springy HQ, and we’re pleased to announce that LibCal, LibStaffer, LibInsight, LibGuides/LibApps, LibAnswers, and LibWizard will be updated by the end of the week of March 15 (depending on your app and region). Head on over to the Springy blog and sign up for email updates, and you’ll get an email when we publish new posts, including posts relating to code releases. Blog posts are cross-posted to Twitter and Facebook, too, if you’d rather get notifications there. 🙂

Know the Roo Sessions

As you may know, University Libraries is hosting two sessions in conjunction with the Institute for Teaching and Learning entitled Know the Roo: University Libraries Resources, Services, and Partnerships to Enhance Success. The sessions are today (4/17) at 1:00 and tomorrow (4/18) at 2:00 in room 154. I am lucky enough to be hosting the sessions and wanted to share the Libguide that I prepared (with plenty of help from Trevor and Lisa): http://libguides.uakron.edu/faculty. This is just for these sessions and can grow into a more general guide for faculty. Please send me any ideas you have for additional content or let me know if you would like to add to the guide.

As an aside, Trevor and I are aware that three of the widgets are not working properly. They will be fixed ASAP!