Copyright / ERES Session from Access Services

Caitlin Noussias and Melanie Smith-Farrell presented a session on using copyrighted material in courses in general and including ERES in Springboard in particular as part of a summer series on online courses from Instructional Services on campus. From all reports, the session was very well received. I have attached the powerpoint below so that you can see what our colleagues presented. This is the first time we have promoted ERES in Springboard, so we may also get more questions about this service.

My thanks to Caitlin and Melanie for representing us well!

Presentation: Springboard_beyond02

Brainstorming Meetings for AY 2013-2014 Action Planning

Here is at least a partial list of the brainstorming meetings for AY 2013-2014 action planning. If you cannot attend your department’s meeting or would like to participate in one of the following, please feel free. It may be best to contact the organizer so that he or she can plan accordingly:

Science & Technology Library – May 9, 2:00 pm, ASEC 25 (Jo Ann Calzonetti)

Research & Learning Services – May 9, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Bierce 154 (Joe Salem)

Dean’s Office – May 10, 10:00 am  – 11:00 am, Bierce 161 A (Joe Williams)

Archival Services – May 10, 2:30 pm  – 4:00 pm, Polsky LL10 (Vic Fleischer)

Marketing Team – May 13, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Bierce 161 (Stephanie Dawson-Everett)

Access Services – May 14, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Bierce 274 (Charles Fisher)

Collection Standards Committee – May 16, 2:00 pm, Wayne College (Jo Ann Calzonetti)

Access Services Standards Committee – May 17, 2:00 – 3:30, Bierce 375 (Shelle Davis)

Know the Roo Sessions

As you may know, University Libraries is hosting two sessions in conjunction with the Institute for Teaching and Learning entitled Know the Roo: University Libraries Resources, Services, and Partnerships to Enhance Success. The sessions are today (4/17) at 1:00 and tomorrow (4/18) at 2:00 in room 154. I am lucky enough to be hosting the sessions and wanted to share the Libguide that I prepared (with plenty of help from Trevor and Lisa): This is just for these sessions and can grow into a more general guide for faculty. Please send me any ideas you have for additional content or let me know if you would like to add to the guide.

As an aside, Trevor and I are aware that three of the widgets are not working properly. They will be fixed ASAP!

UA Night @ Canal Park

As you may have seen, May 4 is UA Night at old Canal Park. The UA marching band will perform and the first 1,000 fans will get a Jim Tressel bobble head. Game time is 6:05 and tickets are only $6! It is a Saturday, so this may not be the best date for a UL outing, and if there is little interest in this game, I will look into another, but I thought I would see if anyone wanted to go as a group. I have contacted our Aeros ticket rep (yes, we have one) and can give him a headcount as late as 4/26 for the game. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with the number of tickets you need ($6 each). Payment will not be due until I drop off the tickets to you (the week of 4/29).
See the attached flyer for more information: UA Night @ Canal Park
Joe (

LibQual Drawing Winners Selected

iPad Mini Winner – Joe Demczuk

The drawing winners for the LibQual survey have been selected and will be coming to Bierce to claim their prizes. The grand prize winner (iPad Mini – pictured) and second prize winner (4 Cedar Point tickets) have already stopped by. Here are the winners and their prizes:

1) iPad Mini – Joe Demczuk
2) 4 Cedar Point Tickets – Jonathon Provchy
3) $50 UA Gift Card – Gregory Close
4) $50 UA Gift Card – Caleb Steidl
5) $50 UA Gift Card – Sherie Acierto (fac/staff)
6) $50 UA Gift Card – Elisha Ann Dumser (fac/staff)
7) $50 UA Gift Card – Jo Dangel (fac/staff)
8) $50 UA Gift Card – Scott Sell
9) $50 UA Gift Card – Charles Hier (fac/staff)
10) $50 UA Gift Card – Richard Londraville (fac/staff)
11) $50 UA Gift Card – Charles Stallings
12) $50 UA Gift Card – Hao Wong

I am sure that these incentives helped us to get such a good response rate (20%) and thank the LibQual Team:

Jo Ann Calzonetti
Ann Evans
Lori Fielding
Charles Fisher
Shari Laster
Pete Linberger