2019 Faculty Research Committee Summer Fellowship Recipients

Hazel Barton, Biology    

Breaking Resistance: Isolating Antibiotic Adjuvants from Hyper-Competitive Cave Environments

David Bastidas, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering    

New Lean-Duplex Stainless Steel Rebars Performance under Stress Corrosion Cracking in Off-Shore Structures

Toni Bisconti, Psychology            

Identifying the Meaning of Social Support in Sexual Minority Adults

Siamak Farhad, Mechanical Engineering

Fundamental Study on Regeneration and Reusing Recycled Cathode Energy Storage Materials of Lithium-ion Batteries

David Giffels, English    

The Heart of it All: Barnstorming the Question of Ohio in a Time of Change

Janet Klein, History        

Making Minorities in the Ottoman Empire

Jin Kocsis, Electrical & Computer Engineering     

Blockchain-Powered Cooperative and Assured Learning-Enabled Situational-Awareness System for Securing Critical Infrastructures

Matthew Kolodziej, Art

Elements and Intervals: Painting Across the Digital Divide in Japan

Erin Makarius, Management     

Reputational Crisis and Collective Human Capital Flow

Rikki Patton, Counseling              

Developing a Relational Recovery Framework for Couples with a Member in Addiction Recovery using a Dyadic Qualitative Design

Zhenmeng Peng, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 

Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Dimethyl Ether as Diesel Alternative

Angela Reif, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology    

Self-regulatory Depletion in Parkinson Disease

Kwek-Tze Tan, Mechanical Engineering 

Unique Control and Manipulation of Acoustic Wave using Phononic Lieb Lattice

Mary Triece, Communication    

The Cultural Origins of Debates Over Race Equality