We focus on the integration of research with teaching. Please click on the following links to connect to the relevant course homepage.

Undergraduate courses

Digital Logic Design

Embedded Systems Interfacing
Digital VLSI Design
Programmable Logic

Graduate courses
Advanced Array Signal Processing
Fast Algorithms and Digital VLSI for DSP

Undergraduate research assistants

2012 Judith Abeysekara – Fast DSP algorithms for spectrum sensing.
2012 Dezarae Holman – Agile RF time delay circuits.
2012 John Kota – EARS and electromagnetic mutual coupling in array antennas.
2013 Elizabeth Hammell – Design of Vivaldi antennas for EARS applications.
2013 Brandon Beale – FIR wideband beam filters for EARS and DoD applications.

The above students were supported by NSF as part of the effort to integrate research with undergraduate teaching.


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