NSF EARS workshop in Virginia Beach. 

July 2012

Dr Sean Hum from the Electromagnetics Group at the University of Toronto visited us on July 7. Dr Hum engaged in several scientific discussions with ASPC group members and faculty collaborators and finished his visit with an informative talk on advanced antenna arrays.

 June 2012

WIE K-12 Summer Camp at the ASPC Lab, June 2012. Thank you Dezarae, Chamith, Amila, Uma, and Soumya for your help with organizing and running this camp SO WELL. You guys are amazing!

The ASPC lab collaborated with the University of Akron’s WIE Program run by Heidi Cressman this summer. The goal of our summer camp was to teach the girls about the fundamentals of electrical engineering and apply those building blocks to a hands on project. First we taught the girls about Ohm’s law. After they gained an understanding of what “current” and “voltage” were we taught them the meaning and symbols for basic electrical components such as; voltage source, resistor, capacitor, integrated circuit (IC), ground, etc. Next came how circuits can interconnected and what each device does. The girls were given a bag of components to build an audio amplifier.

A LM384N 5W audio amplifier IC was used. We also showed them how to use laboratory equipment such as a power supply, oscilloscope, function generator and a multimeter. As the week progressed the girls were required to spend time putting together a poster for a presentation they would have to give at the end of the week to document what all they have learned. Overall, the K-12 students were able to gain a deeper understanding of electrical engineering and learned how to apply the fundamental knowledge to a practical application.



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