Dr Arjuna Madanayake gratefully acknowledges the following sources of support.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

1. EARS: Collaborative Research: Enhancing Spectral Access via Directional Spectrum Sensing Employing 3D Cone Filterbanks: Interdisciplinary Algorithms and Prototypes, Lead PI Arjuna Madanayake, Collaborators: Vijay Devabhaktuni (University of Toledo), Chungsen Xin (Norfolk State University/Old Dominion), and Srinivas Vemuru (Ohio Northern University). $224,894, 2012-2015.

Additional REU supplement of $16,000 awarded in 2014.

2. Collaborative Research: Electronically-Scanned Wideband Digital Aperture Antenna Arrays using Multi-Dimensional Space-Time Circuit-Network Resonance: Theory and Hardware, Lead PI: Arjuna Madanayake, Collaborator: Xin Wang, SUNY Stony Brook, $200,000, 2014-2017.

Office of Naval Research (ONR)

1. BAA-13-001: Ultra-Wideband Aperture Arrays using Multi-Dimensional DSP, $115,234, 2013.

2. BAA-14-001: Rectangular Aperture Arrays based on 3D IIR Space Time Rf to Bits Digital Beam Filters, $207,791, 2014-2015.


1. OES+, Camera array research, $45,000, 2014.

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