Large Branchiopod Bibliography






This bibliography was created by Dr. William D. Shepard at the Department of Biology  California State University, Sacramento. He conveyed the following:
“there are many papers that are not represented, especially in the foreign literature.  The list is particularly deficient in the literature of the Orient and the eastern Palearctic. Papers included herein are those that deal predominately with large branchiopods.  Those papers that include large branchiopods only as part of a larger fauna or in describing ephemeral ecosystems in general are not included.  There are a few exceptions here and there.  The genus Artemia was originally included but the decision has been made to no longer add citations relating to Artemia.  There are simply too many that refer to this genus.  Additionally, there are two existing sources of Artemia citations: Littlepage and McGinley, 1965; and, Browne, Sorgeloos and Trotman, 1991.
“I have taken many of the following citations from the ‘Literature Cited’ sections of published papers.  As we all know, often there are errors made in citing works.  Thus some of the citations that are included are inaccurate.  Where I have had access to journals or reprints I have been able to check citations.  However, I often do not have access to foreign journals and books.  Thus, when I have found inconsistent citations, I have chosen to cite the more inclusive pagination.  This will help get a full paper when using interlibrary loans.  Other inconsistancies I have cited parenthetically.
“Please feel free to use this bibliography in whatever way is useful to you.  Please feel free to tell others about this bibliography.”