Current Students

  • Gabreille Russel – PhD student studying climate change’s impacts on headwater stream function in Northeast Ohio
  • Chathumadavi Ediriweera – PhD student studying the evolution of sex chromosomes.

Past Students


Rebecah Ford (2017) – Thesis: Intersexual conflict in androdioecious clam shrimp species: Do androdioecious hermaphrodites evolve to avoid mating with males? Currently employed as a Natural Resource Conservation Technician at Lorain County Metroparks in Lorain, OH



Alissa Calabrese (2021) – Dissertation: Theoretical and empirical tests of evolutionary models predicting androdioecy to be an evolutionarily stable mating system


Not Pictured Above:

Bob Bennett (1998) – Thesis: Inbreeding depression in the androdioecious clam shrimp, Eulimnadia texana.

Julie Hutchison (1999) – Thesis: Fertilization rates in two populations of the androdioecious ephemeral pond crustacean, Eulimnadia texana.

Parker Stoller (2019) – Thesis: The impact of road salt on macroinvertebrate communities in temporary wetlands in northeast Ohio.

Jessica Parant (2019) – Thesis: A comparative study of small headwater streams in northeast Ohio regarding restoration.

Connor Lang (2021) – Thesis: Exploring the sex chromosome evolution of clam shrimp.