Big Falls on the Cuyahoga

An area of natural beauty in the Gorge, the Big Falls of the Cuyahoga River has the largest waterfalls in that reach of the Cuyahoga River.  Early texts describe the beauty of the falls and early photographs depict that it was a popular place to visit and attracted many vacationers.

The Falls at Gorge MetroPark

Two women travelers admiring The Falls circa 1900 (SCHS Pockrandt).

Called Coppocaw by Native Americans, the Big Falls are partly under the damn constructed by the Northen Ohio Traction & Light company in 1911 to supply a water pond for their plant on Front Street and the Hydroelectric Plant further downstream.  After the damn was constructed, the falls remained an attraction for park visitors, because the dam provided a larger, artificial waterfall.

Family of visitors at The Big Falls (CFHS).