UA Law List Serve

As some people may have noticed, there is now an Akron Law E-Digest that goes out every morning containing the previous day’s blog posts from .  Our goal is to have all general student correspondence including the Career Connection go through this webpage rather than a direct email to the ua-law listserve.  We have done this for a few reasons:

  • Students were complaining on the amount of emails that they were receiving from the Law School daily.
  • All information that is posted into the blog can then be pulled into what is called an RSS feed.  This allows us to pull the important information to various sources including the digital signage screens that are throughout the building.
  • It gives us a centralized point to inform students of everything that is happening throughout the school.

Going forward, we will be posting all information directly to the blog.  The ua-law listserve will still remain active, however after Monday, February 11th; it will only be used for:

  • The daily Akron Law E-Digest
  • Time sensitive items that have deadlines that expire before the digest goes out the following morning
  • Items that we are working on transitioning over to the blog such as the Career Connection .

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Have a great weekend!!

Eli Eubanks
Computer Support
The University of Akron School of Law