2L+ BARBRI Mastery Series

The switch from zips.uakron.edu email addresses to uakron.edu email addresses is the gift that keeps on giving! (Most of) your BARBRI accounts were established with the zips email address, and the link in BARBRI’s system between your old email address and your new one system has been imperfect.

If you are a 2L student (or higher) you SHOULD have access to the BARBRI Mastery Series, but I have heard from some of you that you still do not.

Please log in to your BARBRI account and confirm that you are able to access the 2L/3L Mastery series. (You can confirm this by using the settings cog in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting “My Courses.” If you have access, the 2L/3L bead that appears on the right side of the screen will be green and say, “Access Now.”)

If you do NOT have access to the 2L3L Mastery Series, please complete the survey here so I can make sure that BARBRI makes the necessary changes to your account.

In the mean time – if you moved up to the 2L level this year and have not yet picked up your BARBRI outline book, please stop by the ASP suite (217) to pick yours up. (If you missed it in a prior year because you were taking classes remotely, feel free to stop by as well.)