New: “In Other Words” Videos on the Wolters Kluwer Study Aid Database

If you are struggling with a difficult concept in criminal law, constitutional law, payment systems, civil procedure or business organizations, take a look at the “In Other Words” videos on Wolters Kluwer Study Aid Library.   
These 3 minute videos explain concepts such as accomplice liability, mens rea, holder in due course, negotiability, and a lot more.

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New: Interactive Quizzes on West Academic Study Aids

Test your knowledge with interactive, multiple-choice quizzes available in the popular Exam Pro® Series on the West Academic Study Aid Database.  Written by leading law professors, interactive quizzes are available as part of most Exam Pro Objective titles.  You can immediately see the right answer along with an informative explanation of why it is the best answer. 

When you go to:

Exam Pro on Business Associations, Objective
Exam Pro on Contracts, Objective
Exam Pro on Torts (Objective)

Click on the Take Quiz link on the righthand side, in the grey box that contains the title of the study aid. Questions to other Exam Pro titles will be added soon.

Contact the library staff if you have questions.

Free Microsoft Office, including Word

Just in case you don’t have Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) and you want it, you can get it through the University for free.

To download office you can visit and select sign in on the top right hand corner. Use your zips. E-mail to login. When you have logged in you should be able to download office 365. If you have questions about the Office 365 account you could call and ask IT at (330) 972-6888. Or, you could ask at the law school IT desk.

Resources for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

Check out our new Substance Abuse and Mental Health library guide! As most of you know, mental health and substance abuse are important topics among lawyers and law students. It is for that reason that every law student is required to attend at least one hour of substance abuse lecture. (Akron offers one free lecture once per semester for your convenience.) We at the library have also created a guide on the topic offering a collection of resources, including screening tools, counseling contacts, articles, books, blogs, and websites. If you or someone you know is struggling, take it seriously and seek help. The library guide is not intended to diagnose or treat illness or addiction, but to connect you with people and resources that can. Let’s have a great semester, and be sure to take care of yourselves!