The University of Akron School of Law in conjunction with the Akron Bar Association sponsors the Charles F. Scanlon and Judge Samuel H. Bell Inn of Court.  This is an extra-curricular activity for lawyers, judges, and law students.  Students interested in participating in this unique experience may submit applications to Attorney Clair Dickinson at by April 12, 2013.  An application should include a cover letter reflecting, inter alia, that you have or have not previously applied, and a resume.

The Inn of Court began in 1988 and is now in its fourth decade.  The Inn is comprised of attorneys with less than four years of experience, eight selected law students, attorneys with four to fifteen years of experience, and senior attorneys and judges.  We have Federal and State Court Judges as members, as well as renowned litigators. The Inn of Court meets each year from September through April (skipping December), once a month, to discuss ethics, public issues, and advocacy.

In addition to being a member of the Inn as a whole, each Inn member (including law students) is also a participant in a pupilage group which might be likened to a subcommittee of the Inn.  There are usually sixty to seventy people in the Innas a whole and fifteen to eighteen people in each of four pupilage groups.  The Inn as a whole meets in the evening once a month, on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month, except December.  The pupilage group would also meet once a month for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or after work to discuss the matters presented in the general meeting.

At the monthly Inn of Court meetings we discuss diverse issues, including advocacy and ethics issues.

We are fortunate to have eight positions allocated to the School of Law for interested and dedicated students to participate in the Inn for one year.  If you are interested in participating and can attend the meetings outlined above, please submit a letter expressing your interest and a resume to Attorney Clair Dickinson at  Preference is given to students who have applied previously, and to graduating students who will not have the opportunity the following year to participate.  The deadline for submitting your applications is April 12, 2013.  Thank you for your attention.