Please be careful and protect your belongings

One of your fellow law students recently experienced a theft here in the law building.  We would like to remind law students to never leave your valuables alone anywhere in the School of Law.  Your textbooks, book bags, purses, laptops and other belongings can be easily taken in just “30 seconds.”

We welcome visitors to the School of Law and to the Law Library, both those associated with the University and those who are not.  Having open doors, however, also means anyone can come into the building.  It would be wise to always be careful and make it a habit to never leave your belongings unattended.

If you see suspicious behavior, please notify law school employees right away.  You can call the University police yourself by dialing 330-972-2911 (if using a cell phone) or 911 if using a campus phone.

More information about campus safety is found here.

Thank you.