Please be careful and protect your belongings

We would like to remind law students to never leave your valuables alone anywhere in the School of Law.  Your textbooks, book bags, purses, laptops and other belongings can be easily taken in just “30 seconds.”

We welcome visitors to the School of Law and to the Law Library, both those associated with the University and those who are not.  Having open doors, however, also means anyone can come into the building.  It would be wise to always be careful and make it a habit to never leave your belongings unattended.

If you see suspicious behavior, please notify law school employees right away.  You can call the University police yourself by dialing 330-972-2911 (if using a cell phone) or 911 if using a campus phone.

More information about campus safety is found here.

Thank you.

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Can students use Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law after graduation?

Graduating law students: Your access to these legal research databases continues even after graduation.  Some of the vendors require you to fill out an online form.  See special instructions below.

Bloomberg Law- Students have access for 6 months after they graduate. No extension of the password is needed.

Lexis – Students have two options for access after graduation.

  1. Access to Lexis will continue for graduating law students until Dec. 31, 2014 but students must fill out an application form.
  2. ASPIRE Program- graduates working for a non-profit or charitable organization can apply for a special ASPIRE ID for access to Lexis through Sept. 1, 2015.  To apply, fill out the Graduate ID Program application form at  You will need to provide verifying documentation.  More information.

Westlaw  - there are three levels of access after graduation.

  1. Research Access: Students have access for 6 months after they graduate if they extend their password. Use the Westlaw password Extension Form for graduating law students.
  2. Job Searching Access on WestlawNext: Students have access for one year after they graduate to use the job related databases, like the Directory.
  3. Study Aid Subscription: Students have access to, TWEN, and Study Aid Subscription for 18 months after graduation.


Questions: Contact Lynn Lenart, , 330-972-6357.

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Summer use of Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law

Law students: if you are taking classes this summer you can continue to use Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law to conduct class related research.  Lexis and Bloomberg Law also permit you to use your law school passwords to conduct research for your employers!   Westlaw has restrictions against using your law school Westlaw password.  See specific information below.

Lexis Advance – Unlimited Access this Summer
Use Lexis Advance for any purpose this summer, including work you perform at a law firm, corporation, government agency or law school.  For summer 2014, students’ access to Lexis Advance is automatic.  You do not have to do a special summer registration.  More information.

Bloomberg LawUnlimited Access this Summer
Access throughout law school, including during summer employment.  Your Bloomberg password stays active throughout the year.

Westlaw – Summer Restrictions Apply
1. You can use Westlaw during the summer for summer classes or another academic use.  You cannot use Westlaw to conduct research for a law firm, corporation or other entity that is paying you.  List of what is considered academic use.

2. You must extend your Westlaw password to continue your access this summer by filling out this Summer Extension form.  If you do not fill out this online form, your access to Westlaw will automatically be reduced to just two hours per month (June-July).


For questions concerning proper use of your legal research passwords, please contact Lynn Lenart, , 330-972-6357.

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“Food for Fines” serves a good cause

From March 17 to April 6, Bierce, Science and Technology, and the Law libraries will sponsor their semiannual “Food for Fines” drive to support the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank’s “Harvest for Hunger” Campaign. During the past decade, more than 20,000 pounds of food has been collected by University Libraries for those in need.

Anyone can take advantage of this opportunity to pay off fines and help a good cause — one food item = $1 toward your fines, and there’s no limit to the number of items that you may bring to the libraries’ circulation desks.

This offer cannot be used to pay for items that are lost or billed to your library account. Also, perishable, expired, or damaged food items cannot be accepted.

For more information stop by the Circulation Desk in the Law Library.

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Lexis Advance Think Like a Lawyer Certification Classes

WHEN: Monday, March 10th at 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, Noon, 12:30pm, and 1:00pm

  • You only need to attend one 25 minute session
  • Pizza will be served at the Noon session–please register so we can order enough


WHY: To obtain your “Professional Research Certification 2014” which should be on everyoneʼs resume. Learn the tools you need to be successful this summer and beyond. Once you take the class, you will be given the link for the certification exam. You need to pass the exam to earn the certification.

HOW: Register on the Lexis Advance home page or by emailing

**DONʼT FORGET** Everyone has UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to use Lexis Advance this summer at any firm, clerkship or other employment.


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