Passwords for Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law

During orientation activation codes for Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg were issued to all incoming law students.  Students need to register with these legal research vendors as soon as possible and activate their passwords.  I still have quite a few students that have not registered with all three vendors.  The activation codes issued during orientation are temporary and will expire shortly.  If you are unable to locate your activation codes or if you have any questions about registering for Westlaw, Lexis or Bloomberg, please contact Lynn Lenart, or call 330-972-6357.  I have a few extra passwords for each vendor but even mine expire at some point so we need to get everyone registered with these three vendors as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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Use CALI Throughout the Semester!

The Computer Assisted Legal Instructions (CALI) lessons are a valuable resource that you may wish to use to review or reinforce material covered in class.

“The CALI Library of Lessons is a collection of over 900 interactive, computer-based lessons covering most legal education subject areas. The lessons are designed to augment traditional law school instruction and can be assigned as supplemental study material or integrated with other course materials. ” (Source: CALI web site)

To use the lessons you will need to register on the CALI site and enter our law school’s authorization code.  Here are the instructions for obtaining the School of Law CALI authorization code and accessing the CALI lessons:

1. Click on this link and enter your UAnet ID and university password.

2. A PDF document will open with Akron’s CALI authorization code and additional instructions on accessing the CALI website.

3. Go to CALI’s website ( ) and click on LogIn and then click  “Create New Account.”   Follow the instructions on that web page and enter the CALI authorization code when prompted. Use your University email address.

You will need to use this authorization code the first time you register.   During the registration process you create a custom password. In subsequent visits to use the lessons, you will just enter your university email address and your custom password.

Please do not give The University of Akron School of Law CALI authorization code to anyone outside of this law school.  The University of Akron is a member of the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction and therefore has a license to the CALI exercises.

Questions? Please contact Lynn Lenart at or call 330-972-6357.

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Printing from the new version of Lexis Advance

Lexis recently updated its interface.  The printing options are different so here are some instructions that should help.

Printing from the new version of Lexis Advance

Please contact me if you have any questions- Lynn Lenart,

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Keep your profiles up-to-date on Westlaw and LexisNexis

At least once-a-year law students should update their profiles on Lexis and Westlaw.  Follow the instructions below to access your profiles.  Check your e-mail address and make sure it is the correct address.   The faculty may use the e-mail function in TWEN or Lexis Web Course to send e-mails to their students, but if your address is not correct, you will not receive the e-mail.  Also, verify your graduation date.  You do not want your passwords to expire prematurely.

Here is how you can update your profile on Westlaw and Lexis.

For Westlaw: Log into Westlaw and on the left side of the page next to your name is the UPDATE link.  Click on that link to update your profile.

For Lexis: Log into LexisNexis and under the Settings link at the top right corner, click on My Lexis.

Questions?  Contact Lynn Lenart, 330-972-6357, , office 269, Law Library, second floor.

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Free Coffee in the Library on Mondays and Thursdays

The Law Library will have free coffee at the Circulation Desk every Monday and Thursday.  You supply the spill-proof cup and we will supply the coffee!

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