ALCTS Webinar: Workflow Maps: Tools for Insight and Enhancement

Please join us for this workflow seminar on March 9th at 2pm in Bierce 279.

ALCTS webinar: Workflow Maps: Tools for Insight and Enhancement

This webinar is one of the six-part “Working with Continuing Resources” webinar series.

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015

All webinars are one hour in length and begin at 11am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1pm Central, and 2pm Eastern time.

Description: Have you ever asked the question “How can we make this process better” only to realize that no one really understands it from start to finish in the first place? Workflow mapping can be a powerful approach to understanding the systems and processes libraries already have in place and a great first step in figuring out how to improve them. This webinar will provide an introduction to workflow mapping. Topics covered will include basic workflow mapping syntax, software, and techniques for creation. Just as importantly, participants will also hear tips on how to structure a successful workflow mapping project – from getting buy in from stakeholders to making the most of our your completed maps.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of workflow mapping
  • Learn the basic syntax and structure for workflow maps
  • Gain exposure to tools and techniques for creating maps
  • Learn about best practices for structuring a workflow mapping project

Who should attend? Anyone with an interest in the topic can benefit from this session and is welcome to participate. The session will be especially useful for managers.

Presenter: Kristen Wilson is Associate Head of Acquisitions and Discovery at NCSU Libraries. She manages the department’s serials unit and has been involved in workflow mapping and analysis of processes across the continuing resources life cycle. Kristen also serves as editor for the Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb) project. In this role, she is organizing a community to create and maintain openly available metadata describing electronic resources.



EBSCO Full Text Links are not working 2/26/2015

As reported by OhioLINK  on 2/26/2015 at 11:39 am 

Due to a problem with the full text server, PDF full text links in EBSCO products (individual databases, EDS, etc.) are not working. EBSCO is aware of this problem, has made the resolution a top priority, and is expecting to have these links working again by the end of the day. We will send out another email when the issue has been resolved.

Update #1 – As of 12:00 noon, PDF full texts links in EBSCO appear to be working. No official word from OhioLINK yet.

Update #2 – As of 2:06 pm OhioLINK reported this issue as resolved.

UA voice mail system upgrade to start on 2/20/2015

As you may have read in the e-Mail Digest announcement last week, the University’s voice mail system will be upgraded beginning Friday, February 20, 2015, at 2:00 PM. The upgrade will be completed by Monday, February 23 at 7:00 AM.  Phones will work but voice mail will be unavailable during the upgrade.

To do before the upgrade (before February 20th)

Task 1: If you have not already done so, record your name within the existing voice mail system. To record your name:

  1. Log in to your voice mail
  2. Press “5 5”, record your name as prompted.

Task 2: Clean‐up your mail box by deleting unneeded messages.

To do after the upgrade (after February 23rd)

  1. Dial x8000 (or press the Messages button on your desk phone)
  2. Enter the default password and press the pound key (#).
  3. Change your password according to the password parameters.

You’ll need to refer to the Voice Mail Upgrade Guide for the default password and password parameters.

Please contact Susan, Mike, or Noah if you have any questions.

2015 FOL Outstanding Student Award Committee Selected

Thanks to all the volunteers for your willingness to serve on this committee to recognize our wonderful student employees! This year’s committee will be:

  1. Tonya Becker
  2. Shelley Blundell
  3. John Kline
  4. Joe Williams

The committee will meet shortly and nomination information will be distributed soon. The award(s) will be given at our service awards celebration at the end of April.

Rethinking Race Event Rescheduled

Please note this update to the previous post about Rethinking Race events:

To Cross An Ocean Four Centuries Long, a recording of the play by Dr. Amanda Kamp, will be shown Wednesday, February 11th at 2pm in Bierce 154. Please consider joining us for this event, and be sure to check out the other Rethinking Race events scheduled throughout this month.

Rethinking Race

Join us for these can’t-miss events, part of a larger schedule of events during Rethinking Race:

Monday, February 2nd
The film, To cross An Ocean Four Centuries Long, will be shown at 2pm in room 154 Beirce Library. Join this mystical captain as she takes you on a journey through time with the assistance of beautifully arranged spirituals and African dance. Meet Phillis Wheatley, Hannah, servant to John Woolman, and John Jay’s Abby all enslaved but determined to be free.  Recording of a performance of the play, written by Dr. Amanda Kemp. View the film’s trailer.

Thursday, February 5th
Sister Friend:  Phillis Wheatley and Obour Tanner on Freedom, Love and the Divine.
7.30pm Daum Theatre in Kolbe Hall.

This one-act play by Dr. Amanda Kemp explores Phillis Wheatley and Obour Tanner’s assertions of freedom, dignity and faith. The play blends narrative with African American spirituals, exquisitely rendered by tenor Deborah Billups and soprano Vanessa Ballard. You don’t want to miss this story that will make your toes tap and your heart soar.

For more information about the play visit Dr. Kemp’s website. Or view the play’s trailer.

Thursday, February 12th
The film, A Lot Like You, will be shown at 12 noon in room 154 of Bierce Library. A Lot Like You is a documentary film that explores the complex intersection between mixed race identity, culture and home. It follows Eliaichi Kimaro, who is a first generation American of Korean and Tanzanian ancestry back to Tanzania upon her parents’ retirement. After the film, stay for a discussion with Dr. Toja Okoh on the topics of race and identity. View the film’s trailer.

For questions about any of these events, please contact Lisa Lazar.

View more Rethinking Race events.

New white paper on linked data models available from OCLC and LC

The Library of Congress and OCLC just released a white paper comparing the linked data initiatives at both institutions:  LC’s BibFrame and OCLC’s  To find out more, follow this link:  It’s short:  only 12 pages!

OHIONET’s Fundamental of Cataloging Series is Now Online

Last summer, OHIONET relaunched the long-running training series, Fundamentals of Cataloging, with a new format, a new instructor, and new content.  Beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 13th, OHIONET will be offering an online version of these sessions.  The day-long format has been converted into two-hour blocks, with guided practice and searching time, brief quizzes, and other learning engagement opportunities.  Now you can brush up on your cataloging know-how from your desk!  Sessions will be offered weekly.

Introduction and Basic Description:  Jan. 13th, Jan. 20th, & Jan. 27th, 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM on each date.

Serials: Feb. 3rd, Feb. 10th, & Feb. 17th, 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM on each date.

Common AV Formats: Feb. 24th, Mar. 3rd, Mar. 10th (DVDs & digital video), & Mar. 17th (CDs & digital audio)

Each session will be presented live using the webinar software Citrix GoToWebinar.  Sessions will be recorded and all attendees will receive a link to the archived file within 1-2 business days following the scheduled date/time.  Please note–the sessions in each series build upon each other.

CLICK HERE to be taken OHIONET Training Calendar to sign-up for these sessions and to browse all the current CE options.

OCLC Scheduled downtime, Jan 3rd

On Saturday, 3 January 2015, OCLC has scheduled a technology upgrade to support system performance and reliability.

During this upgrade, all OCLC services will be unavailable on 3 January 2015, from 12:01 am to 3:00 pm, U.S. Eastern Standard Time (approximately 15 hours).