H: drive server upgrade

On July 8th we are transitioning to a new server where our H: drive is located. This is part of a larger, university-wide IT upgrade to server hardware and software. This change will be transparent to you as the end-user. Mike has made the necessary changes on most staff and faculty PCs already, and will be stopping by shortly if he has not yet updated your machine.

UL Staff Portal Link


Since we moved to the new responsive design, we lost one of the ways to access this portal. I’ve been able to re-establish this link. You can now navigate to the UL Staff Portal in two ways:

A) Scroll to the footer of any UL webpage, click Staff Portal under the About list of links.

B) Go to the Library’s home page, then click on About. At the end of the navigation to the left, you’ll see a link labeled UL Staff Portal. Clicking will bring you to this page.

If you have any problems accessing the portal, please let me know!


OhioLINK scheduled downtime 6/12-6/13

All OH-TECH organizations – including OhioLINK – are moving to a new data center, as the building which houses their current data center is slated to be demolished. The new location at the State of Ohio Computing Center will provide OhioLINK with a near-Tier 4 data center that can deliver a higher grade of services and achieve greater efficiencies. OhioLINK has worked hard to schedule this move so as to minimize the disruption to OhioLINK end users. However, it is necessary to schedule one maintenance window which will involve a significant outage of all OhioLINK hosted services.

All OhioLINK hosted services will be down for the move during the following window: Friday, June 12, 6pm – Saturday, June 13, 12pm (noon).

This will include:

  • OhioLINK website and Ostaff
  • Central Catalog
  • EJC
  • EBC
  • DRC
  • ETD
  • EAD
  • EZProxy hosted at OhioLINK – UA EZProxy will be unaffected
  • Rave URLS
  • OhioLINK Ticketing System

New look for UL webpages

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I wanted to let you know about some changes coming to the UL website. Beginning Tuesday, May 26th I will begin to transition our webpages to the new responsive templates. This will catch us up with the rest of the university’s pages.

What this means for you: no functionality will change, only the look. However, converting all of our pages to these templates will take a little bit of time. You may run into a scenario where you are looking for one of our webpages and it appears to be unavailable. Don’t panic. Chances are you’re viewing a page that I’m currently working on. Give it a minute, and refresh your browser. If something still isn’t right please give me a call. I expect issues like this to be few and far between.

All of our content and online services will remain in place. I don’t have a specific end-date for this project, but I will let you know when it is complete.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Booking Study Rooms

Booking study rooms in Bierce Library will soon be getting an upgrade!

We are initiating a LibCal study room booking pilot on June 8, 2015. The purpose of this pilot is to move all student booking of Bierce Library study rooms from the Sierra platform to the LibCal platform. We believe the LibCal platform will be more user-friendly and require less staff time to manage.

Paul, Stephanie, and the Access Department will be testing the new LibCal system during intersession, beginning May 11 and concluding June 5. During this time period, no booking of Bierce Library study rooms will be available to students. The Access folks will put a sign on each study room door noting that a new system will begin in June and that all study rooms are first come, first serve until June 8, 2015. The Bierce Library study room records in the catalog have been suppressed so that students cannot place a booking through Sierra. Paul has updated our webpages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Melanie, Stephanie or Paul.

Current Progress on the Sierra Data Dictionary

The Sierra Audit Data Dictionary for Items, Locations and Patrons are now complete and available to view in Sharepoint. Excel documents are located in Access Services Committee –> Shared documents –> Sierra Audit. If you are interested in looking at the in-progress wiki that we have been using to collaborate on the Sierra Audit, let me know and I can grant you viewing permissions.

Professional Certification

Professional Certification

Frank Bove, Stephanie Everett, Beate Gersch, and Michelle Mascaro recently earned a Certificate in Applied Project Management from UA Solutions, an Advanced Professional Development & Corporate Training Center. According to the website, the program provided frontline, real-world skills and techniques to enhance their career and our company’s projects. Way to go!