Newhall – Merit Award & Speaking Event

Jamie Newhall and Jon Endres

James  Newhall
Instructional Services
Sr Multi-Media Producer

Jamie Newhall, Instructional Services, and Jon Endres, who works part-time in Psychology Archives, received the 2017 Society of Ohio Archivists Merit Award at the SOA Annual Meeting on Friday, May 19 for their work on the wire recorder project.  According to the website, the Award is given to individuals or organizations that have by excellence in deeds, actions, or initiatives improved the state of archives in Ohio over the past year. For more info:

They were also presenters at TEDxAkron 2017 on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at the recently refurbished Goodyear Theater.  According to the TEDxAkron website, TEDx expands TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, beyond its annual conference by seeding smaller, independent events throughout the nation, called TEDx. TEDxAkron emulates the spirit and ideals of the TED Conference.  For more info:

Well Done, Jamie & Jon!





Book-based Art Debuts at Bierce

Acclaimed artist, Buzz Spector, is collaborating with students from The University of Akron’s Myers School of Art in “Thoughts as Pages, Stacks as Memories,” a free exhibition March 12 through April 18 in the lobby of UA’s Bierce Library.

In addition to Spector’s works, the exhibition will feature works created by students in a painting class taught by UA Art Professor Matthew Kolodziej. The art students have created works from books donated by UA’s Center for the History of Psychology. After studying the content of the books, they altered them and incorporated their artistic responses to the Center’s intriguing collection of devices used for testing memory and perception. Some of the devices are also in the exhibition.

To open the exhibition, Spector will give a free public lecture at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12, in the auditorium of Folk Hall, home of the Myers School of Art, 150 E. Exchange St.

Librarians Lori Fielding and Bonnie Chojnacki were instrumental in getting this project off the ground.