Professor Cole’s Evidence Midterm ExamSoft

We are currently in the download period for Professor Cole’s Evidence Midterm.  The period started today, September 29th and goes to Monday,October 5th.   Professor Cole will be announcing this in his class.  There are also signs posted, and emails have been sent out.  If you have any questions, please come to room 153 or email

Fall 2009 ExamSoft Midterms

The ExamSoft download period has begun.  Students who are currently taking Professor Lee’s Contracts I class will have until September 21st,  11:59PM to download the exams.  An email was sent out to the student body with their student’s ID’s and passwords.  These will differ from your normal university credentials.  In case anyone missed the email, instructions for downloading and installing the software can be found

Your ID’s and passwords can be obtained by visiting Law Technology Support in room 153.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email