Miller Becker Center “Lawyers, Technology & Ethics” Series, Fri., November 9th at 4PM

Using Social Media in Litigation:
Winning Practices and Ethics for Litigators, Agitators and Policymakers

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018
4 to 5 p.m.

The University of Akron School of Law, Room 180

This event is free and open to the public – registration is required.
CLE credit has been requested

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Social media controversies, such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, #planebae, politicians blocking social media followers, and Alex Jones being kicked off Twitter, have dominated recent news. Can average users keep up, or must they sigh and click “Accept.”?

This Lecture focuses on social media’s impact on litigants and society. It will examine the unique challenges of finding and introducing as evidence social media data, ways to minimize the cost and uncertainty of using such data, and how to predict the legal outcomes in tech-heavy cases. This Lecture also considers important policy concerns raised as social media and related services become key tools to everyday life and offers some new insights and standards for governing the use of social media data.


Lunch & Learn with Proctor & Gamble

March 5, 2018, 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m., Room 180

Lunch & Learn with Proctor & Gamble General Counsel and Vice President Steven W. Miller — Free lunch + great information! All students welcome!

Mr. Miller will be discussing branding along with the legal and businesses decisions that accompany. He will address his responsibilities as Vice President and General Counsel for P&G. Proctor & Gamble is the biggest consumer goods company in the world at almost $100 billion per year in revenue. P&G’s brands include Crest, Febreeze, Old Spice, Tide, and many more.

Students who attend will be provided lunch and drinks. More details here:!view/event/event_id/7290

Study Abroad in Asia Next Summer! Learn More on Weds Oct. 11th

Join President Wilson & Professor Cravens on Weds. Oct. 11th at 5:15 in Room 280 to hear more about our amazing two-country, three-city, four-week study abroad program in South Korea and Japan for Summer 2018!   You can hear about the four great courses to be offered, the scholarships that are available, the flexibility and affordability of the programming, and of course all the great things to see and do while we are traveling.  Students who have attended in the past will also be on hand to talk about their experiences.  We are looking forward to seeing you there and answering any questions you may have.