New Intellectual Property Titles at the Library

The library recently purchased many new books on intellectual property law, including The History of Intellectual Property, Research Handbook on Trademark Law Reforms, Copyright in the Music Industry and lots more. These titles were hand picked by IP Professor Camilla Hrdy. You can take a look at them on the library’s new book shelf, which is right next to the Keurig coffee maker at the circulation desk. Many of these titles are listed on the library’s Copyright Research Guide or Patent Law Research Guide.

Summer Database Access for Continuing Law Students

For students who will return to school in the Fall, you still have access to these databases:

Summer Access to Lexis 

Access to Lexis+ will continue during the summer.  As long as you are registered for Lexis+ you do not have to do anything to continue using Lexis+ this summer.  You may use Lexis+ for work or school during the summer.  In the fall, usage reverts back to academic use only.

Summer Access to Westlaw 

You can use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw, Practical Law, and the Practice Ready solutions, over the summer for non-commercial research. You can turn to these resources to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills, but you cannot use them in situations where you are billing a client. Examples of permissible uses for your academic password include the following:

  • Summer coursework
  • Research assistant assignments
  • Law Review or Journal research
  • Moot Court research
  • Non-Profit work
  • Clinical work
  • Externship sponsored by the school

You do not have to do anything to gain access to these tools over the summer. If you have any questions, please contact your Thomson Reuters Academic Account Manager.

Bloomberg Law

Access to Bloomberg Law continues over the summer.  You may use your Bloomberg Law password for any purpose during the summer as well as year-round.  The court dockets and transactional resources may be particularly useful to those working at law firms over the summer. Be aware of the per-person limits of 15,000 pages for dockets.

Other databases accessible over the summer:

Law Database Access for Graduates

You still have access to these great databases for some time after graduation!


  • Lexis+ IDs: Spring graduates have access to Lexis+ via their law school IDs through December 31, 2021, except for public records. This ID also grants access to the Graduate Home Page (detailed below).
  • LexisNexis Rewards Point Expiration: Like previous years, spring graduates have until June 30, 2021 to redeem their LexisNexis Rewards points.
  • Graduate Home Page: On July 5, 2021, the spring graduates’ view of the Law School Home Page will switch from their current view to the graduate view. This new view will provide helpful information for their careers and job search. Grads will also be able to select a “Graduate Gift.” This year’s gifts are your choice of: a LexisNexis eBook; online subscription for Lexis Practice Advisor; Lexis for Microsoft Office, or Law360.
  • Aspire Program:  Graduates conducting verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work may sign up for the Lexis ASPIRE Program for extended access to some items.  Please contact our Lexis Account Representative, Jennifer Durkin, at, if you have any questions.


You can use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw and Practical Law, for 18-months after graduation. Your “Grad Elite” access gives you 60-hours of usage per month. Commercial/Professional use is allowed and encouraged.  The tools include:

  • Westlaw
  • Practical Law
  • Knowledge Center
  • Practical Law Connect
  • Drafting Assistant Essential
  • Doc and Form Builder
  • ProView
  • West LegalEdCenter -one-year, no CLE

Extend access by logging into

Click on your name in the upper right, and select Grad Elite Status.
Click on the “Extend my Access After Graduation” button to enroll

Bloomberg Law

Graduates automatically keep full access to Bloomberg Law through their individual account for six months following graduation.  Please contact our Bloomberg Law School Relationship Manager, Terry Stedman,, if you have any questions.

Other databases:

Study Aids Guides from the Library

The library study aids guides have links to the ebook study aid databases. lists of study aids by class and by content type (hypotheticals, outlines, case briefs). There is also a page of law study mobile apps.

Study Aids for First Year Courses –

Study Aids for Upper Division Bar Courses & the Bar Exam