Center for Constitutional Law Hosts Virtual Con Law Scholars Forum

Con Law Scholars Forum
The Future of Reproductive Rights
Friday, Oct. 28, 2022 (9-4pm EST) (virtual)

Virtual Con Law Scholars Forum
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This symposium explores questions that cut to the heart of constitutional law doctrine and women’s rights, as well as the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court.  It provides an opportunity for legal scholars to address some of the many issues raised by the Court’s recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturning the fifty-year federal right to abortion.

The Forum is sponsored by The Center for Constitutional Law at Akron, one of four national centers established by Congress on the bicentennial of the Constitution for the purpose of promoting scholarship and education on matters of constitutional law.  The Center includes a director, five affiliated faculty, student fellows, an online journal, ConLawNOW, and J.D. certificate and masters’ programs. Follow the Center on Twitter @ConLawCenter and LinkedIn.


9am     Welcome and Introduction, Tracy Thomas (Director, Center for Constitutional Law at Akron)

9:15am  Legal Misogyny
            Moderator: Tracy Thomas (Akron)
Paula Monopoli (Maryland), Situating Dobbs
Jill Hasday (Minnesota), We the Men: How Forgetting Women’s Struggles for Equality Perpetuates Inequality
            Jessie Hill (Case), Big, Bad Roe
Jennifer Hendricks (Denver), A Rational Basis: Men’s Feelings > Women’s Rights

10:30am  A Whole New World
            Moderator: Bernadette Genetin (Akron)
Jamie Abrams (American), How Masculinities, Geography, and Religiosity Shape the Post-Dobbs Legal Landscape
            Jennifer Brobst (Memphis), Short-Sighted Private Enforcement Strategies in the Reproductive Rights Realm
            Michael Gentithes (Akron), How Dobbs Effects Stare Decisis
David Cohen (Drexel), New Threats to Abortion Provision: Writ of Erasure Fallacy & Comstock


12:30pm   Constitutional Aftershocks
            Moderator: C.J. Peters (Akron)
Cynthia Soohoo (CUNY), After Dobbs, Rights for Zygotes, Embryos and Fetuses?
                  Elizabeth Kukura (Drexel), The Constitutional Implications of Reproductive Uncertainty After Dobbs
Jeff Parness (N. Illinois), Childcare Parentage After Dobbs

1:30pm Global Perspectives
            Moderator: Vera Korzun (Akron)
Sital Kalantry (Seattle), Dobbs from a Comparative Law Perspective
            Sharon Basson (Drexel), The Art of Balancing: The Role Narrative Played in Recent Legal Rulings About Access to Reproductive Practices in Israel
            Phil Lord (Lakehead, CN), Drawing on Canadian Constitutional Law to Analyze Dobbs

2:30pm Health Care Considerations
            Moderator: Michael Gentithes (Akron)
Rachel Rebouché (Temple), Telehealth for Abortion
            Tracy Thomas (Akron), Protecting Abortion with State Health Care Freedom of Choice
            Yvette Lindgren (UMKC), The Privatized Abortion Right and Self-Help Constitutionalism

Many of the papers will be published in a forthcoming symposium edition of the Center for Constitutional Law’s journal, ConLawNOW.

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