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Volume V: 2012

“Extreme(ly) Shakespeare(an)”
Volume V: 2012

Papers selected for this volume explore the notion of extremes found in and illustrated by Shakespeare’s work. For a full-length pdf version of this volume, click here.  To purchase a perfect-bound print version of this volume, click here.

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html  pdf    Helena and “the Rarest Argument of Wonder”: All’s Well That Ends Well and the Romance Genre
Byron Nelson, West Virginia University

html  pdf    A Hot Mess: Knowing Juliet through Accidental Encounters in Popular Culture
Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer, Olivet College

html  pdf    Jean-François Ducis: Re-Creating Shakespeare for an Eighteenth-Century Audience
Amy Drake, Franklin University

html  pdf    When Words Defile Things: Homoerotic Desire and Extreme Depictions of Masculinity in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and the Combat Sport of Mixed Martial Arts
Aaron Hubbard, The University of Akron

html  pdf    Extremes of Gender and Power: Sycorax’s Absence in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Brittney Blystone, Northern Kentucky University