Table of Contents

“Shakespeare and Ethics”
Volume IV: 2011

Time Served in Prison Shakespeare
Niels Herold, Oakland University

Hamlet’s Hard-Boiled Ethics
James A. Lewin, Shepherd University

“Much Virtue  in If”: Ethics and Uncertainty in Hamlet and As You Like It
David Summers, Capital University

The Dangers of Playing House: Celia’s Subversive Role in As You Like It
Allison Grant, The University of Akron

Tortured Calculations: Body Economies in Shakespeare’s Cultures of Honor
Brandon Polite, Knox College

“How this World is Given to Lying!”: Orson Welles’s Deconstruction of Historiographies in Chimes at Midnight
Jeffrey Yeager, West Virginia University

Lexical Dichotomy and Ethics in Macbeth
Lindsey Simon-Jones, The Pennsylvania State University, Fayette

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