Volume IV: 2011

Front Cover Image:
Cesare Ripa, Iconologia: or, Moral Emblems (1709)
Reproduced with the permission of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Special Collections
Library, Pennsylvania State University Libraries


“Shakespeare and Ethics”
Volume IV: 2011

Papers selected for the fourth volume investigate questions of ethics in the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Ethics, here, are thought of in a broad sense, to include issues of gender, race, class, culture, religion, labor, economics, justice, environmentalism, and nature.  For a full-length pdf version of this volume, click here.  To purchase a perfect-bound print version of this volume, click here.

html  pdf    Editorial Board

html  pdf    From the Editor

html  pdf    Table of Contents

html  pdf    Time Served in Prison Shakespeare
Niels Herold, Oakland University

html  pdf    Hamlet’s Hard-Boiled Ethics
James A. Lewin, Shepherd University

html  pdf    “Much Virtue in If”: Ethics and Uncertainty in Hamlet 
and As You Like It
David Summers, Capital University

html  pdf    The Dangers of Playing House: Celia’s Subversive Role
in As You Like It
Allison Grant, The University of Akron

html  pdf    Tortured Calculations: Body Economies in Shakespeare’s
Cultures of Honor
Brandon Polite, Knox College

html  pdf    “How this World is Given to Lying!”: Orson Welles’s
Deconstruction of Historiographies in Chimes at Midnight
Jeffrey Yeager, West Virginia University

html  pdf    Lexical Dichotomy and Ethics in Macbeth
Lindsey Simon-Jones, The Pennsylvania State University, Fayette

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