Volume I: 2007

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 “Appropriating Shakespeare”

Papers selected for our first volume explore the ways that Shakespeare and other early modern writers invoke sources, both literary and cultural, to create meanings for their original audiences, as well as how these early modern works have been appropriated for use in later eras.  For a full-length pdf version of this volume, click here.

html  pdf    From the Editor

html  pdf    Editorial Board

html  pdf    2007-8 OVSC Committees

html  pdf    A Note to Contributors

html  pdf    List of Contributors

html  pdf    Table of Contents

html  pdf    Appropriated Shakespeare: Sensation, Politicization, and De(con)struction
David George, Urbana College

html  pdf    From Legal Document to Monolog
Robert B. Pierce, Oberlin College

html  pdf    Sex and Sensibility: Shakespearean Actresses Rebel on the Page
Peggy Russo, The Pennsylvania State University

html  pdf    “A Merry War”: Shakespeare’s Revision of Bandello
Paul F. Weinhold, University of Dallas

html  pdf    “An Improbably Fiction”: How Fans Rewrite Shakespeare
Amelia Bitely,  SUNY at Buffalo

html  pdf    “This is a Theatre of Assault”: Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman and a Civil Rights Othello
Jason M. Demeter, The University of Akron

html  pdf    Crossing the Boundaries in Kushner and Shakespeare
Grant Williams, University of Pittsburgh

html  pdf    The Comic Devices of Tragedy: Inter-Generic Dialogic Effects in Hardy and Shakespeare
Patrick Lawrence, New York University

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