Volume III: 2009

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“Shakespeare on Screen”

Papers selected for the third volume focus on a range of issues in film and television productions of Shakespeare from the Silents to the Age of Branagh and Baz.

html  pdf    Editorial Board

html  pdf    From the Editor

html  pdf    Committees and Board

html  pdf    Table of Contents

html  pdf    List of Contributors

html  pdf    A Note to Contributors

html  pdf    The State(s) They‘re In: Intersections of the Henriad, Hustler Narratives, and Alternative Music in Gus Van Sant‘s My Own Private Idaho
James Newlin, University of Florida

html  pdf    Frustrated Feminisms: Hippolyta on Screen
Nicholas Tobin Roth, Cornell University

html  pdf    Hamlet on Film: A Post-9/11 Take
James A. Lewin, Shepherd University

html  pdf    Olivier’s Hamlet: A Creature Swimming
Rachel Zlatkin, University of Cincinnati

html  pdf    “We know what we are, but we know not what we may be:” Marianne Faithfull, Ophelia and the Power of Performance
Gabriel Rieger

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