2004 – Call for Papers

The University of Cincinnati will host
The Ohio Shakespeare Conference
October 7-9, 2004

Shakespeare’s Others:
Shakespeare in the Context of his Rivals and Collaborators

Plenary Speakers include:

Leah Marcus
David Riggs
Lars Engle
Sara Eaton
Gordon Dahlquist

Proposals for papers are welcome on a wide range of topics and issues, including: The Non-Shakespearean Canon; What Shakespeare Read; Deviant Sexualities; Performing Shakespeare’s Contemporaries; Literary Reputations; Non-Shakespearean Motivations; Performing Shakespeare’s Contemporaries; Sentiment; Heroic Cultures; Jonsonian Realism and Jonsonian Fantasy; The Rise of Revenge; Who are Shakespeare’s Heirs Today?

In general, papers are welcome that help particularize Shakespeare by making his works, his language, his characters, and his conventions seem
less normal. Individual sessions are likely to be devoted to several of the major playwrights, and to some of the themes, character types, or genres
that help us align Shakespeare with the other writers who form his artistic context, including magic, representations of Jews, urban settings, the
image of Italy, misogyny, the history play, and so on. Papers with a broader scope are welcome as well: What do we mean by early modern
authorship and originality? What is a literary context?

Send 250 word abstracts by September 10 to Jonathan Kamholtz, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of Cincinnati, ML #69, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069, or email them tokamholj@email.uc.edu.

The Ohio Shakespeare Conference 2004, “Shakespeare’s Others,” is supported by the Taft Memorial Fund and the Helen C. Weinberger Center for the Study of Drama.