2010 – Call for Papers

A Call for Papers

Owens College, Toledo, Ohio Campus

October 14-16, 2010

The planning committee of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference is seeking abstracts and paper proposals that investigate the gaps, lacunae, indeterminacies, omissions, silences and “undecidabilities” in the work of Shakespeare and/or his contemporaries. Papers can focus on individual works (E.g. what happened to Lear’s Fool? Why is Isabella silent?), or on cultural, dramaturgical, cinematic, theoretical and editorial issues. How do actors, directors and editors deal with the inevitable gap between players and performers? How do biases and the historical treatment of Shakespeare reflect and affect appreciation? How have biographers dealt with Shakespeare’s early years?

Abstracts or proposals are due by June 4, 2010 (early decision) or August 27th (final deadline). All inquiries should be directed to:

    • Russ Bodi
    • English Department
    • PO Box 10,000
    • Toledo, OH 43699-1947

or e-mail russell_bodi@owens.edu. E-mail abstracts to marilee_motto@owens.edu. Please include academic affiliation, if any, and status: independent, faculty, grad student, or undergrad.

Plenary Address: Katharine E. Maus, Author, Inwardness and Theater in the English Renaissance, Four Revenge Tragedies of the English Renaissance, Soliciting Interpretation: Literary Theory and Seventeenth-Century Poetry, (ed. with Elizabeth Harvey), and Ben Jonson and the Roman Frame of Mind.

National Players will present a live performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “America’s longest running classical touring company, has now reached its 60th consecutive season of touring.”

Toledo Repertory Theater’s Staged Reading of A Merry Regiment of Women. Six of Shakespeare’s women discuss the availability and quality of women’s roles in Shakespeare’s plays.

All sessions of the conference will be held at the Owens Performing Arts Center. Special room rates will be available for conference attendees. The Friday evening conference banquet and theatrical performances, musical performances and art exhibits will be included in the registration fee.

OVSC invites graduate and undergraduate students to compete for the M. R. Smith Prize.