2005 – Program

Thursday, November 10


Registration: Continuous in Mainstage Theatre Lobby

Book Exhibits


Playing and Interpreting Zero-sum Games – AVCC 127-8 – Chair, Kathy Attwood

  • Brittany B. Cottrill , University of Toledo. “Film Adaptations of Shakespearean Plays.”
  • Rhonda Lemke Sanford , Fairmont (WV) State University. “Law & Order: NCU [‘Natural Children’s Unity]: The Machinations of Don John.”
  • Robert Morris , “ The Merchant of Venice and Strict Constructionism”

Moral Authority: Courtship Anxiety – AVCC 126 – Chair, Kathleen Geckeis

  • Moira Phillips, University of Toronto . “Anything Goes: The Representation of Law in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  • Jeri Taube, Owens College. “Shakespeare’s Natural Law.”
  • Kezia Vanmeter Sproat, Highbank Farm Peace Education Center, Chillicothe. “ Love’s Labor’s Lost As a Jest in the Hospital.”


Shakespeare on Film – AVCC 127-8 – Chair, Gabe Rieger

  • Norbert A. Wethington, Oberlin College . “Wallow in the Bitter: Pacino’s Shylock and the Courtroom Mob.”
  • Curtis Breight, University of Pittsburgh. “Law and Lawlessness in Shakespeare’s First Historical Tetralogy and its Eruption in recent Cinematic Adaptations.”

Sedition, Slander, Libel – AVCC 125 – Chair, Shelby Pierce

  • Ted McGee, St. Jerome College, University of Waterloo, Canada. “Libelous Poetry as a Context for Shakespeare’s Plays.”
  • Phyllis Gorfain, Oberlin College. “Performativity, Slander and Restitution in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.”

Panel Discussion: “Shakespeare and Liberal Learning: Taking It to the Streets ” – AVCC 126

Session sponsored by Shakespeare in the Classroom

  • Susan Oldrieve, Baldwin Wallace; Eva McManus, Ohio Northern University; Russ Bodi, Owens.


 Center for Performing Arts:

  •  Much Ado About Nothing
  •  Post Show Discussion with Actors

Friday, November 11


Registration: Continuous in Mainstage Theatre Lobby


The Law and Hindsight, Humors, and Precedents – SHAC 165 – Chair, Matthew Wikander

  • Joseph Sullivan , Marietta College. “Dead Danes Walking: Rosguil and the Law of Probability.”
  • Jonathan Kamholtz, University of Cincinnati. “The Law and the Humors”
  • William Sodeman, M.D., J.D., University of Toledo Law School. “Henry V and George II: The Use of Legal Precedent”

Trials, Testimony and Legal Equity – SHAC 107 – Chair, Sarah Rogers

  • Emily Detmer-Goebel , Northern Kentucky University. “Making (False) Accusations: Measure for Measure and Queen of Corinth.”
  •  Kara Northway, Xavier University. “I desire to be paid”: The 1603 Jailing of Amateru Pageant-Dramatist Thomas Massey.”

Legal “Inn-fluences”: Shakespeare and Legal Authorities – CFPA 134 – Chair, Robert Pierce

  •  Jason Powell , Wake Forest University. “Remembering Fathers in Hamlet: Polonius, the Ghost, and Versions of Seneca.”
  •  Robert Fleissner, Central State University. “Will’s Will as Itself Not ‘Ungentle’”


Crises of Governance – CFPA 134 – Chair, Wendi Ricker

  • Brad Hensley , Western Kentucky University. “Tastes Great; Less Filling: The Duke’s Quest for Knowledge in the Measure for Measure Underworld.”
  • Amy Bitely, Marietta College. “An Ulcerous Belly: Three Inherently Flawed Governmental Systems in Coriolanus.”
  • William O. Scott, University of Kansas. “Intention Authority, and Petitioning in Measure for Measure.”

Punishment – SHAC 165 – Chair, Hillary Nunn

  • Harry Keyishian, Fairleigh Dickinson University . “Early Modern Punishment Theory.”
  • Jay A. Ward, Thiel College. “’These shallow fools’: Dogberry, Elbow, and the Role of the Constable in Elizabethan Law Enforcement.”
  • Jon Richardson, The Law Firm of Kaplan, Richardson, Rost.. “Criminal Law and Staged Inequities.”


Luncheon at French Quarter at Holiday Inn, Perrysburg: Registered Conferees invited


Plenary Session – CFPA Theater

  • Judge David Katz, United States District Court – “Shakespeare’s Relevance.”
  • Judge William Skow, 6th District Court of Appeals, Ohio – “Execution.”


Perceptions of The Merchant of Venice – AVCC 122 – Chair, Joseph Sullivan

  • Byron Nelson , West Virginia University. “Craving the Law: Shylock and Leon Modena.”
  • Samuel Crowl, Ohio University. “Looking for Shylock: Stephen Greenblatt, Michael Radford, and Al Pacino.”
  • Sandra Logan, Michigan State University. “’The Will of a Living Daughter’: Letter and Spirit in The Merchant of Venice.”

Subversion or Protection? – AVCC 123 – Chair, Kara Northway

  • Shannon McNay . Northern Kentucky University. “Exploring Man’t Role in the Deceptive Acts of the Renaissance Woman.”
  • Matthew Haynie, University of St. Andrews. “The Inns of Court and Their Influence on Shakespeare’s Plays.”
  • Joy Parker, Owens College. “Serious Games: Shakespeare, Robin Hood, and Authority in As You Like It.”

Courtship and “Marriage” – AVCC 124 – Chair, Robert Pierce

  • Margaret Gardiner , University of Virginia. “Same-Sex Marriage in Shakespeare.”
  • Casey Charles, University of Montana. “’What Drugs, What Charms, What Conjurations.’”
  • Gabriel A Rieger, Case Western Reserve University. “”’This is Welsh to Latin’: John Webster’s Legal Satire in The White Devil.”

Artists Create Books – Owens College Library – Chair, Wynn Perry

  • Jean Clad, Exhibitor/Curator. “Making Books.” See note at the end of this program.


Center for Performing Arts:

  • Richard III
  • Post-show Discussion with Actors

Saturday, November 12


Registration in Mainstage Theatre Lobby


Plenary Session – CFPA Theater

  • Introduction by Russ Bodi
  • Laurie Shannon, Duke University “Hang-Dog Looks: Animal Trials and Early Modern Ecopolity.” 


 Macbeth and Criminality – CFPA 134

This session is sponsored by Shakespeare in the Classroom

  • Laura Bates , Indiana State University, Associate Editor, Shakespeare and the Classroom, “To Know My Deed: Murderers Read Macbeth.”
  • David Bevington, The University of Chicago.

Due Process – CFPA 135 – Chair, Joy Parker

  • Jeffery R. Cottrell , Marietta College. “Taming Treason: International, Interpersonal, and Internal Anarchy in Tamburlaine.”
  • Rachael M. Ferry , Kent State University. “William Shakespeare and Due Process in The Winter’s Tale.”
  • Grace Tiffany , Western Michigan University. “Law and Self-Interest in The Merchant of Venice.”


Plutarch and Other Ancients – CFPA 134 – Chair, Joy Parker

  • Steven L. Culbertson , Owens College. “’Firm and Irrevocable Is My Doom”: Shakespearean Banishment and Doom.”
  • David George, Urbana University. “Shakespeare and Plutarch.”
  • Iclal Vanwesenbeeck, University of Buffalo. “Shakespeare’s Perception of Greek and Roman Law.”

Religious Authority: Canon and Biblical Law – CFPA 135 – Chair, Sarah Rodgers

  • Reginald Rampone, Jr, South Carolina State University. “Discipline and Punishment in Measure for Measure.”
  • M. Rick Smith , Kent State University. “’In our remove be thou at full ourself:’ Reformed and Post-Tridentine Canon Law and their Supporting Theologies in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.”
  • John J. Norton, Concordia University, Irvine. “Biblical Law and the Humiliation of Leontes.”


Plenary Session – Chair, Russ Bodi

  • Opening Comments by Crista Adams, Presisent of Owens College
  • Announcement of 2006 Ohio Shakespeare Conference Theme
  • David Bevington’s Introduction by Laurie Shannon
  • David Bevington, University of Chicago “Usurpation in Shakespearean Comedy: As You Like It and The Tempest .”


Center for Performing Arts:

  • Return to the Forbidden Planet
  • Post-show Discussion with Actors


Notes: Jean Clad Exhibition/Lecture: Friday, November 11 th.

“Artists Create Books”

“Knowing I prized my books, he furnished me from my own kingdom with volumes that I prize above my dukedom”

— “The Tempest” William Shakespeare

Jean Clad a student of Hans Hoffman and MA graduate in art from Cal State University at Long Beach is a life long painter, printmaker and papermaker with many exhibitions to her credit. A dedicated educator she taught in the Art Department at Long Beach City College until her retirement. She recently turned her love affair with books and the printed word towards curating exhibitions. She has focused primarily on hand-made artist’s books while curating numerous shows since 1999.

Ms. Clad will discuss the artist’s work in the Walter E. Terhune Gallery exhibition, “Artists Create Books” during her lecture at the Owens Community College Library. She will give a brief history of bookmaking and the contemporary artist.

Whether the book is a unique, one of a kind, object or part of a hand made limited edition these artists are altering our perception of the book. They hand print, use xeroxed materials, hand-made papers, wood, leather and fibers to create their contemplative works. They alter existing books, make “fan” (folded) manuscripts, or construct boxes in which to contain their work. They often use poetry or write their own text in beautiful fonts and designs.