2009 – Program

Thursday October 22

11:00 am‐1:00 pm

Registration – Ohio University Inn – Galbreath Room

  • All sessions, with the exception of Peter Holland’s opening keynote address, will be held at the Ohio University Inn in the Galbreath and Foundation rooms. Professor Holland’s talk will be held in Walter Hall (room 145) on the Ohio University campus. Walters Hall is just a 10 minute walk from the Inn and is located on Richland Avenue across the street from the Convocation Center. Walters Hall also brings you closer to the many restaurants located in downtown Athens where you are likely to venture for dinner after the reception.


“The Taming of the Shrew, Baz, and Bollywood” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Martina Holliday, Youngstown State University

  • Sharon Cline, Youngstown State University, “The Evolution of Feminism in Adaptations of The Taming of the Shrew”
  • Cathrine Bonham, Owens College, “Film Adaptations of The Taming of the Shrew”
  • Julia Wise, University of Akron, “East or West: Liminal Levels in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”


“Macbeth , Coriolanus, and Titus on Film” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Russ Bodi, Owens College

  • Byron Bailey, University of Cincinnati, “Geoffrey Wright’s (Lady) Macbeth and the Crux of Motherhood”
  • David George, Urbana University, “Lost and Found: Obscure Shakespeare Films as Guides to Cultural Moments”
  • Michael Drew, Ohio University, “The Cycle of Violence in Julie Taymor’s Titus”

“Film Adaptations of Othello ” – Foundation Room – Chair: Melissa Parlin

  • Melodie Provencher, Youngstown State University, “Sacred Texts, Entitlement and the Meaning of ‘Indigenous’ in Shakespeare Wallah”
  • Varsha Balachandran, University of Akron, “Othello to Omkara: A Sketch of Indian Adaptations of Shakespeare”
  • Jenny Wiley, Owens College, “A Look at Film Adaptations of Shakespeare’s Othello”


Keynote Address #1: “Shakespeare in Cyberspace” – Walters Hall, Room 145

  • Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame


Wine and Cheese reception – Walters Hall Lobby


Dinner (on your own)

Friday October 23rd


“Hamlet on Film” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Hillary Nunn , University of Akron

  • Byron Nelson, West Virginia University, “Larry’s Himself Again: Olivier’s Shakespeare”
  • Rachel Zlatkin, University of Cincinnati, “Olivier and Hamlet”
  • Gabriel Rieger, Concord University, “Ophelia and the Power of Performance”

“Henry V, Scotland, PA, and the Grinch” – Foundation Room – Chair: Michael Drew, Ohio University

  • Matthew Stallard, Ohio University,” Henry V and the Rhetoric of the Just War Tradition”
  • Rhonda Sanford, Fairmont State University, “Diners, Drive‐Ins, and Fine Dining: The Macbeths as Entrepreneurs and Restauranteurs in Scotland, PA and the BBC’s Shakespeare Retold”
  • Russ Bodi, Owens College, “How the Grinch Became a Screen Jew”


Coffee Break


“Love’s Labour’s Lost, Sumo Wrestling and the BBC” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Ed Taft, Marshall University

  • Jill Ingram, Ohio University, “Making the Topical Modern: Humor in Film and Stage Productions of Love’s Labour’s Lost”
  • Joe Sullivan, Marietta College, “Sumo, he didn’t! The Wrestling Scene in Branagh’s As You Like It”
  • L. Monique Pittman, Andrews University, “The Bard and the Beeb: Television Authority in Shakespeare Retold”

“Hamlet, Greenblatt, and The Colbert Report” – Foundation Room – Chair: William Godshalk, University of Cincinnati

  • Tim Francisco, Youngstown State University,”Two Truthinesses are Told: Mediatized Shakespeare in Popular Political Culture”
  • Lorien Anderson, Concord University, “Psychoanalysis and Point of View in Zeffirelli’s Hamlet”
  • James Lewin, Shepherd University, “Hamlet , 9/11 and Cultural Authority”


Lunch (on your own)


“The History Plays on Film and Television”- Galbreath Room – Chair: Richard Dutton, Ohio State University

  • James Lake, LSU‐Shreveport, “Scenic Sequencing and Directorial Intervention in Deborah Warner’s Television Production of Richard II”
  • James Forse, Bowling Green State University, “Portrayals of King Richard III on Film”
  • William Kerwin, University of Missouri, “Keening on Camera: Poetic Loss and Visual Form in Richard III”

“Yiddish Shakespeare, Silent Shakespeare and Chicken Rice War” – Foundation Room – Chair: Matthew Stallard, Ohio University

  • Lisa S. Starks‐Estes, University of South Florida, “Shakespeare in the Yiddish Cinema”
  • Sandra Logan, Michigan State University, “Play Text, Print Text, Silent Film: ‘Intermediality’ and the Contexts of Re‐Presentation”
  • Michael Heidenberg, Fordham University, “Commodity Culture and ‘Selling’ Shakespeare in Chicken Rice War”




“Shakespeare in and on the Margins” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Carolina Conte: Jacksonville University

  • Louise Geddes, Baruch College, “John, Paul, George and…Thisbe?: Shakespeare and the Beatles”
  • Amy Scott‐Douglass, University of Maryland, “Kiss the Girls as Taming of the Shrew”
  • Reg Rapone, South Carolina State University, “Were the World Mine: A Queer Adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

“Dream Work” – Foundation Room – Chair: Jim Casey, High Point University

  • Nick Roth, Cornell University, “Frustrated Feminisms: Hippolyta on Screen”
  • Carolyn Carter, Lone Pine High School (Utah),”Overborne Continents: Titania’s Pure Love”
  • Charles Conaway, University of Southern Indiana, “Moral Panic and the End of the Patriarchal Imperative in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


Keynote Address #2: “Whatever Happened to Baby Hamlet?” – Galbreath Room

  • Linda Charnes, Indiana University


Social Hour – Ballroom


Conference Dinner – Ballroom

Saturday October 24th


“Shepard and Shakespeare and Teaching Shakespeare on Film” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Joe Sullivan, Marietta College

  • Louis Martin, Elizabethtown College, “As They Liked It: Shakespeare, Film, and First Year Students”
  • Katy Didden, University of Missouri, “Speculating on Spectacle: Teaching Film Versions of Macbeth”
  • Matthew Wikander, University of Toledo, “His Father’s Spirit: Shepard and Shakespeare”

“The History Plays: Revised, Adapted, Transformed” – Foundation Room – Chair: Tim Francisco, Youngstown State University

  • James Wells, Belmont University, “Getting the Elephant out of the Room: Chimes at Midnight and the Artistic Problem of Falstaff”
  • James Newlin, University of Florida, “The State(s) They’re in: Intersections of the Henriad, Hustler Narratives, and Alternative Music in Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho”
  • Peggy Russo, Pennsylvania State University, “Richard III and the Third Reich: No Laughing Matter”


Coffee Break


Keynote Address #3: “Post‐Racial Othello” – Galbreath Room

  • Douglas Lanier, University of New Hampshire


Lunch (on your own)


“Kurosawa and Kozintsev” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Robert Pierce, Oberlin College

  • Justin Kennington, Idaho State University, “See Better: Resurrecting Lear through the Afterlife of Ran”
  • Matthew Bucemi, Cornell University, “Post‐War Trauma and Images of Decomposition in Hamlet and The Bad Sleep Well”
  • Jeff Yeager, Concord University, “A New World Order: Nihilism and Cultural Politics in Grigori Kozintsev’s Korol Lear”


“Echoes and Adaptations” – Foundation Room – Chair: Jill Ingram, Ohio University

  • Panelists: John Ford, Delta State University, “Outrageous Fortunes: The Adaptive Identities of Slings and Arrows”
  • Jim Casey, High Point University, “Bodies and Loss in Prospero’s Books”
  • Jonathon Kamholtz, University of Cincinnati, “Iago, Dennis Peck, and the Culture Wars”




“Branagh and Welles” – Galbreath Room – Chair: Sam Crowl, Ohio University

  • Michael Young, La Roche College, “’Once More Unto the Breach’: The Post‐War Militarization of Shakespeare Films”
  • Austin McIntire, University of Cincinnati, “Misrepresentation in Orson Welles’s Macbeth”


Conference Wrap‐up

Special thanks to:

  • My English department colleagues Andrew Escobedo, Michael Drew, Jill Ingram, and Matthew Stallard for their help in organizing and running the 2009 OVSC.
  • Joe Sullivan, Tim Francisco, and Hillary Nunn were generous in their responses to my queries about past conference practices.
  • Daphne Metts and Barb Grueser were, as always, indispensable in giving help at every step of the process.
  • Joe McLaughlin, Chair of the Ohio University English Department, Ben Ogles, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Rathindra Bose, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College, all made generous financial donations in these tough economic times that made the conference possible.
  • To all I echo Francisco:”For this relief, much thanks.”