2007 – Program

Thursday, October 11th


Conference Registration – Student Union 3rd Floor


Publishers’ Exhibits – Student Union 314


Student Welcome Reception – Student Union 308


Session A: Appropriation and Non-Shakespearean Renaissance Writing – Chair, Kara Northway, Xavier University – Student Union 312

  • Patrick McGuire, University of Akron, “The Nature of Revision: The 1597 and 1602 Additions to The Spanish Tragedy”
  • Stephen Rowe, Concord University, “Marlowe’s Geography: Cartographic Sources of Tamburlaine the Great”
  • Justin Thurman, Southwestern University, “The Printed Voice / La Voix Imprimée”


Session A: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Shakespeares – Chair, William Proctor Williams, University of Akron – Student Union 310

  • Russ Bodi, Owens College, “Ira Aldridge as Aaron the Moor”
  • Charles Conaway, University of Southern Indiana, “The Very Staple Commodity of the Stage”
  • Penelope Quade, University of Akron, “Caging Catharine: Tragically Taming a Kate in David Garrick’s Catharine and Petruchio”

Session B: The “Languages” of The Merchant of Venice – Chair, Eric Birdsall, University of Akron – Student Union 312

  • Sara Coodin, McGill University, “Citing scripture for his own purpose: Shylock as Jacob in The Merchant of Venice”
  • Paul Yachnin, McGill University, “Dog-Words: Shylock and the Languages of Inhumanity”
  • Myrna Wyatt-Selkirk, McGill University, “Performing The Merchant”


Session A: Politics, Sex, and Sources – Chair, Gabriel Reiger, Gettysburg College – Student Union 310

  • Katey Roden, Washington State University, “Reified Rhetoric: Quintilian’s Phantasiai and Female Speech in Measure for Measure”
  • Byron Nelson, West Virginia University, “‘Roast Meat for Worms’: Prostitution, Disease and Corruption in Shakespeare and Wilkins’ Pericles”
  • Michael Modarelli, University of Tennessee Knoxville, “Reading Oikos and Polis in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida”

Session B: Plays in Performance – Chair, Charles Conaway, University of Southern Indiana – Student Union 312

  • Johnathan D. Boyd, Texas State University, “New Perspectives at the RSC: Nancy Meckler’s Directorial Vision”
  • Adam Miller, University of Akron, “‘But by the yea and no of general ignorance’: Plebeians and Patricians in Coriolanus and Julius Caesar”
  • Rachel Stevenson, University of Akron, “We are Yet but Young, Indeed: Observations on Filming Macbeth”


Macbeth, a film directed by University of Akron students Ryan and Rachel Stevenson – Honors College Lounge

Friday, October 12th


Conference Registration – Student Union 3rd Floor


Publishers’ Exhibits – Student Union 314


Session A: Aural/Visual Shakespeares – Chair, Joseph Ceccio, University of Akron – Student Union 310

  • Joy C. Frank-Collins, Marietta College, “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Andronici: An Examination of Common Themes in Senecan Elizabethan Tragedy and Contemporary American Country Music”
  • Amelia Bitely, Marietta College, “‘A Tale Told By an Idiot’: How Fans Rewrite Shakespeare”
  • Lisa A. Stuchell, Marshall University, “Applying or Implying William Shakespeare: Shakespeare as the Entrepreneur of the Visual and Auditory Language”

Session B: Questions of Religion – Chair, Robert Pierce, Oberlin College – Student Union 312

  • Laurie Ellinghausen, University Missouri-Kansas City, “‘I am not what I am’: Othello and the Experience of the English Renegade”
  • Paul Kane, Concord University, “‘Love and Be Silent’: Cordelia as a Puritan”
  • Makilah Witt, Wheaton College, “Affirmation and Subversion of Moral Themes in The Merchant of Venice”
  • Chris Sabatelli , Independent Scholar, “Bottom’s Dream: A Parody of Biblical Proportion”

Session C: Novelizing Shakespeare – Chair, Shannon Dobranski, Georgia Tech – Student Union 316

  • Jonathan Kamholtz, University of Cincinnati, “A Person Must Have Character; Novelizing Character in Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  • Patrick Lawrence, New York University, “The Comedic Devices of Tragedy: Inter-Generic Dialogic in Hardy and Shakespeare”
  • Kate Rumbold, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, “‘So common-hackney’d in the eyes of men’: Banal Shakespeare and the Eighteenth-Century Novel”


Plenary Address: Christy Desmet, University of Georgia, “Shakespeare and Convergence Culture: From Facebook to YouTube” – Student Union Theatre


Lunch – Student Union Ballroom


Session A: Assimilation or Oppression?: A Discussion of Modern Socio-political Concerns in Othello and its Film Adaptation – Chair, Lisa K. Stein, Ohio University-Zanesville – Student Union 312

  • Lisa K. Stein, Ohio University-Zanesville
  • Crystal Gearhart, Ohio University-Zanesville
  • Teresa Henderson, Ohio University-Zanesville
  • Christina Fulk, Ohio University-Zanesville


Session B. Madness and Mentalities – Chair, Russ Bodi, Owens College – Student Union 310

  • J. Michael Drew, Ohio University, “Othello and the Language of Doubt”
  •  Hsiang-Chun Chu, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan, “Divided Selves: Madness and Images in Michael Almereyda’s Hamlet”
  • Veena P. Kasbekar, Ohio University-Chillicothe, “The Madness of King Lear: A Psychiatric Approach”

Session C: Changing Audiences, Changing Issues – Chair, Laurie Ellinghausen, University Missouri-Kansas City – Student Union 316

  • Jason M. Demeter, University of Akron, “‘This is a theatre of assault’: Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman and a Civil Rights Othello”
  • Amy Scott-Douglass, Denison University, “Reality Shakespeare: Screen Representations of Prison Theatre Programs: Shakespeare Behind Bars and HBO’s Oz ”
  • Grant Williams, University of Pittsburgh, “Crossing the Boundaries in Kushner and Shakespeare”


Session A: International Shakespeares – Chair, Patrick Chura, University of Akron – Student Union 310

  • Orpheus Allison, Shanghai Normal University, “Shakespeare in the English as a Second Language Classroom”
  • Anna Lindhé, Lund University, “Narratives of Land: King Lear in Sweden and America”
  • Veronika Schandl, Peter Pazmany Catholic University of Hungary, “‘A certain convocation of politic worms’: Hamlet in Communist and Post-Communist Hungary”

Session B: Shakespeare and Technological Dimensions – Chair, Peggy Russo, Penn State-Mont Alto – Student Union 316

  • Curtis C. Breight, University of Pittsburgh, “Sharp Weapons in a Madman’s Hands: Shakespeare’s Richard as Cyborg-Killer in Screamers.”
  • Jennifer Forsyth, Kutztown University, “‘Liking Shakespeare’: Sources, Analogues, and Word Links”
  • Michael W. Young, LaRoche College, “As Deep as a Black Hole, as Wide as a Time Vortex: Shakespeare meets Doctor Who”


Session A: Influence of the Source – Chair, Edmund Taft, Marshall University – Student Union 316

  • Zachary Ferrell, Marshall University, “Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the Uses of Platonism”
  • Karen T. Miller, University of North Dakota, “Platonic Philosophy in Measure for Measure”
  • Joe Sullivan, Marietta College, “Shakespearean Sideshadow: Contingency in Troilus and Cressida”
  • Paul Weinhold , University of Dallas, “Love’s Resilience: Shakespeare’s Linguistic Alternative to Bandello”

Session B: Film Comedy Adaptations – Chair, Jim Casey, Allegheny College – Student Union 313

  • Dan Mills, Georgia State, “‘I thought frailty’s name was Carl’: Mystery Science Theater, Shakespeare, and the End of Post-Modern Canonization”
  • Shannon P. Dobranski, Georgia Tech University, “Killing with Kindness: Adapting the Shrew”
  • Julie Aronson, University of Akron, “‘And I for no woman’: Option, Agency, and the Influence of Mythology in Shakespeare’s As You Like It”


Editorial Board Meeting – Student Union, Location TBA


Reception – Sponsored by the Edwin Mellen Press – Student Union 335

Saturday, October 13th


Conference Registration – Student Union 3rd Floor


Publishers’ Exhibits – Student Union 314


Business Meeting – Student Union, Location TBA


Session A: Talking Their Way Out of Trouble: Drama and the Uses of Language – Chair, David George, Urbana University – Student Union 310

  • Benjamin V. Beier, University of Dallas, “Skilled Speech and Fear of the Lord as the End of Tragedy in Cymbeline”
  • K. E. Birdsall, University of Akron, “Turning Them Inside and Out: Beatrice’s (Sub)version of Renaissance Ideals”
  • Natalie Severt, Miami University, “Rehabilitation in The Tempest”

Session B: Adapting Tragedy to Film – Chair, Lisa K. Stein, Ohio University-Zanesville – Student Union 312

  • Jim Casey, Allegheny College, “Green-Eyed Monsters: Jealousy and Surveillance in O”
  • Chad Meredith, Owens, “Iago Without the Intrigue”
  • Gabriel A. Rieger, Gettysburg College, “Will It Please You Eat?”: Finding Shakespeare in Peter Greenaway’s The Cook the Thief his Wife and her Lover

Session C: Out, out, damned spotlight!: Ninth Grade Macbeth – Student Union 316

  • Susan Oldrieve, Professor of English, Baldwin Wallace College
  • Michelle Webster, English Teacher, Lincoln West High School
  • Bethany Ray, student, Baldwin Wallace College
  • Isaiah Ball, student, Lincoln West High School
  • Whitney Greene, student, Lincoln West High School
  • Bianca Lozada, student, Lincoln West High School
  • Joshua Ramos, student, Lincoln West High School


Plenary Address: Katherine Rowe, Bryn Mawr, “Shakespearean Media Scripts” – Student Union Theatre


Lunch Break


Advisory Board Meeting – Location TBA


Session A: Acting, Learning, and Appropriating – Chair, Susan Oldrieve, Baldwin Wallace College – Student Union 310

  • Megan-Marie Johnson, Urbana University, “Three Minutes a Play: Shkspr Abrdgd.”
  • Kristi Murray, Binghamton University, “Teaching Shakespeare to ‘The Young and the Restless’”
  • Kim Wagner, Edinboro University, “Who and I…Where am I…And What Difference Does It Make?: A Method of Understanding and Developing Shakespeare’s Characters for Performance”

Session B: Theories of Adaptation – Chair, Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University – Student Union 312

  • Byron Bailey, University of Cincinnati, “Utopian Appropriations, or the Function of Shakespeare Criticism at the Present Time”
  • Douglas Lanier, University New Hampshire, “Shakespearean Rhizomatics: Adaptation, Ethics, Value”
  • Nick Moschovakis, Independent Scholar, “Shakespeare’s Allusive Identities”


Session A: History – Chair, Paul Kane, Concord University – Student Union 310

  • Nicole M. Coonradt, University of Denver, “‘At Coventry on St. Lambert’s Day’: Shakespeare’s Use of Sources and The Importance of Opening Scenes”
  • Robert B. Pierce, Oberlin College, “From Legal Document to Monolog”
  • Edmund Taft, Marshall University, “Allegory in Shakespeare’s Henriad”

Session B: Non-Traditional Presentations of Shakespearean Texts – Chair, Jonathan Kamholtz, University of Cincinnati – Student Union, 312

  • Nicholas Jones, Oberlin College, “Shakespeare, Englishness, and Opera: J. F. Lampe’s 1745 Pyramus and Thisbe”
  • Melissa Parlin, Ohio University, “Viewing the Impact of Shakespeare: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Photographic Depictions of Shakespeare’s Plays”
  • Peggy A. Russo, Pennsylvania State University-Mont Alto, “Sex and Sensibility: Helena Faucit and Ellen Terry’s Closet Appropriations of Shakespeare’s Women”

Session C: Abuse and Abusers – Chair, Amy Scott-Douglass, Denison University – Student Union 316

  • Robert Fleissner, Central State University, “A Hamlet at Large: A Possible Piratical Identification Concerning the Prince’s Father”
  • David George, Urbana University, “Shakespeare Hacked Up: Coriolanus for Vulgar Consumption.”
  • Susan Gael Meier, University of Cincinnati, “Shakespeare’s King Oberon and the Abusive Personality”


The Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference Advisory Board would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their assistance:

  • Diana Reep, Chair of the Department of English, The University of Akron
  • Ronald Levant, Charles Monroe, Susan Calvo, and the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
  • Karyn Bobkoff Katz and The University of Akron Honors College
  • Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University Department of English
  • Frank Diller, Marietta College Web Designer
  • Thelma Bell, Kristen Weimer, and the staff of the University of Akron Department of English
  • Vicki Fete, Courtney Gonser, and the staff of The University of Akron Student Union Conference Center
  • Dorothy Achimasi and the staff of The University of Akron Dining Services
  • Sarah Lane and The University of Akron Deopartment of Institutional Marketing
  • The Faculty of The University of Akron Department of English

And special thanks to:

  • Jason Demeter, Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference Graduate Assistant
  • The University of Akron Department of English Graduate Students
  • Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference 2007-08 Advisory Board
  • Russ Bodi, Owens College
  • Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University
  • David George, Treasurer, Urbana University
  • Megan-Marie Johnson, Urbana University
  • Kara Northway, Chair, Xavier University
  • Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron
  • Joe Sullivan, Marietta College
  • Edmund Taft, Marshall University