2013 – Program

Friday, October 11

Throughout the conference: Check-in (Hermann Fine Arts Center Lobby) 

Registration: 8am-noon, Orion A Lobby

9:00am – 10:30am

Paper Panel 1: Cygnus

Chair:  Russ Bodi, Owens College

Nicole Hagstrom-Schmidt, Western Illinois  University: “‘I dare do all that may become a man’: Hospitality as Masculinity in   Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Jessica Mason McFadden, Western Illinois University: “Gender Interchanges and Incarnations: Rhetorical Reinventions of the Canon and Collective Acts of Identity-Villainy in Macbeth

Katherine Colborn, Xavier University: “Attempts to Control Nature: A Study of the Feminine Wild and Resistance to Courtly Conventions in the A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Paper Panel 2: Orion A

Chair:  Robert Pierce, Oberlin College

Jane Wells, Muskingum University: “‘Why may not he rise the same as I?’ The Henry IV Plays and the Ontology of Historical Figures”

Byron Nelson, West Virginia University: “Who Knows the Fate of His Bones?: Richard III’s Unexpected Afterlife”


10:45am – 12:15pm

Paper Panel 3, Cygnus

Chair:  Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University

Russ Bodi, Owens College: “Courtly Games: Losing Control”

David George, Urbana University: “Shakespeare Disenchanted: From Idealized Court to Elizabeth’s and James I’s Courts”

Robert Pierce, Oberlin College: “Performing the Ceremony of Marriage in The Tempest

Paper Panel 4: Orion A

Chair:  Nancy Simpson-Younger, Luther College

Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer, Olivet College: “Romeo Unbound”

Daryl Palmer, Regis University: “Courtliness and the Problem of Prowess in Castiglione’s Courtier, Shakespeare’s Othello, and Nelson’s O

David Summers, Capital University: “Filming History: Using the BBC’s Hollow Crown in the Classroom”


12:15pm – 1:45pm

Lunch Break

See enclosed regarding dining options at Berea Union Depot Taverne

Meeting of the Advisory Board


Registration: 1:45-3:00pm, Orion A Lobby



Paper Panel 5: Cygnus

Chair: Ben Ferrell, Western Illinois University

Ian Faith, The University of Akron: “Civil and Individual Equity: Duke Vincentio’s Balancing Acts in Measure for   Measure

Christopher Clay, Concord University: “Most poor matters Point to rich ends”: Sexual and Political Conquest in The Tempest

Paper Panel 6, Orion A

Chair:  James Marino, Cleveland State University

Erin K. Kelly, The Ohio State University: “Queen Elizabeth and the Hunt on Progress: Kenilworth (1575)”

Elizabeth Zeman Kolkovich, The Ohio State University Mansfield: “Shakespeare and the Politics of the Country-House Entertainment”

James Marino, Cleveland State University: “Francis Bacon and the End of the Jonsonian Masque”


4:00pm – 5:15pm

Plenary Address

Orion A

Richard Dutton, The Ohio State University

“Rehearsed, Perfected, and Corrected’: Getting over the ‘Bad’ Quartos, Especially Merry Wives of Windsor and Hamlet



Evening Event:  Richard III, Great Lakes Theater Festival, Hannah Theater

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Saturday, October 12th


Registration: 8:30am-noon, Orion A Lobby


9:00am – 10:30am

Paper Panel 7, Cygnus

Chair:  Amy Drake, Franklin University

Ben Ferrell, Western Illinois University: “‘We Princes . . . are Set on Stages’: Rosalind’s Subversion of Elizabeth I in As You Like It

Mira Assaf Kafantaris, The Ohio State University: “The Project of a Spanish Match, English Catholicism, and Royal Policy in John Fletcher’s The Island Princess (1621)”

Valerie Schutte, The University of Akron: “Rebuilding Catholic Traditions: Measure for Measure and Convent Life”

Paper Panel 8, Orion A

Chair:  David Summers, Capital University

Neal Klomp, Michigan State University: “‘A plague o’ …’ Order: The Convention of the Plague Curse in Shakespeare”

Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron: “Covering Up: False Hair and Female Chastity in Renaissance Literature”

Elizabeth Steinway, The Ohio State University: “Reproductive Resistance: Rewriting the Conventions of Female Sexuality in The Changeling


10:45am – 12:00am

Plenary Address

Orion A

Sandra Logan, Michigan State University

“Queens of Another Country: Foreign Women at the Center of the Nation”


12:00pm – 1:30pm

Lunch Break


Registration: 1:30pm – 3:00pm, Orion A Lobby


1:45pm – 3:15pm

Paper Panel 9, Cygnus

Chair:  Jason Cohen, Berea College

Nancy Simpson-Younger, Luther College: “Describing the Sleeper in Early Modern Lyric Poetry”

Jennifer Higginbotham, The Ohio State University: “Courting Margaret Cavendish”

Kathleen Ahearn, Cleveland State University: “Perverse Courtship:  Isabella’s Self-preservation in Measure for Measure

Paper Panel 10, Orion A

Chair:  Mira Assaf Kafantaris, The Ohio State University

Amy Drake, Franklin University: “Commedia dell’Arte of Gozzi and Goldoni: Lasting Contributions to Italian  Renaissance Comedy”

Angela Heetderks, The University of Michigan: “Fooling and Cognitive Disability in The Longer Thou Livest the More Fool Thou Art

Elizabeth Dieterich, Eastern Michigan University: “‘Mad World,’ Mad Adaptations: The Royal Shakespeare Company and the Michigan Shakespeare Festival’s Adaptations of Shakespeare’s The Life and Death of  King John


3:30pm – 5:00pm

Paper Panel 11, Cygnus

Chair:  Elizabeth Zeman Kolkovich, The Ohio State University Mansfield

Peter Latka, University of Toronto: “‘Achilles? A drayman, a porter, a very camel’: Troilus and Cressida‘s Orgulous Princes”

Gabriel Rieger,  Concord University: “A masque is treason’s license’: Masquing and Mockery in The Revenger’s Tragedy

Tracy O’Hara, Northern Kentucky University: “Death’s Voice for Women in Early Modern England”

Paper Panel 12

Orion A

Chair:  Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron

Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University: “Unbridled Masculinity: Cyborgs, Bestiality and Queer Chivalry in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine Plays”

Colleen Kennedy, The Ohio State University: “Base Excrement of Earth”: The Paradox of Early Modern Perfume”

Jason Cohen, Berea College: The Merchant‘s Lost Convention: Problems of Equity in Jewish and Venetian Law”



Evening Event:  I Henry IV, Baldwin Wallace University

See enclosed for further information and transportation options



OVSC Organizing Committee



Russ Bodi, Owens College

Tim Francisco, Youngstown State University

David George, Urbana University

Sandra Logan, Michigan State University

Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron

Susan Oldrieve, Baldwin Wallace University




The Organizing Committee would like to thank the following:



Great Lakes Theater Festival

Youngstown State University


Members of Sigma Tau Delta, Baldwin Wallace University



Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference Advisory Board



Russell Bodi, Chair, Owens College

Richard Dutton, The Ohio State University

Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University

David George, Treasurer, Urbana University

Sandra Logan, Michigan State University

Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron

Gabriel Rieger, Concord University

Joseph Sullivan, Marietta College

David Summers, Capital University

Jane Wells, Muskingum University